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Kickstarter-project Remix Mini: Android-nettops cost from $ 20 to $ 40 / News hardware / 3DNews – Daily Digital Digest – 3DNews

The founders of startups «Remix Mini – The World’s First True Android Pc” offer to all interested in buying a low-cost mini PC to ask yourself the question: “What is better to spend a couple of stale ten-bills in your pocket – eat a burrito / sandwiches and cocktails, or, say, become the owner of a brand new Android-nettop Remix Mini? »

Equally intriguing offer for visitors to the site Kickstarter, which runs a fundraiser for serial production of a full-featured mini PC Model Remix Mini, has allowed less than 24 hours is not only “sell” nettop game with the lowest price, but also gather to translate ideas into action more than $ 200 thousand. when originally claimed amount of $ 50 thousand. At the time of publication of the article on the development of start-up It was transferred almost $ 500 thousand.

What is a Remix Mini, which promises to be as a full replacement for the media player and take on the basic functions of the office computer? Announced by experts from Jide Tech model nettop, components of which are located in a compact black case with rounded edges, resembles resounded wide glasses case. The device is able to boast of as extremely low, almost fantastic for computers of this class price, and very interesting “iron”.

Within the budget version of the Remix Mini is located a 64-bit quad-core ARM-based processors Allwinner A64 (quad-core Cortex-A53) with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. For the storage of personal data given to a total of 8 GB of internal memory, but the owner of the nettop can expand it as using the cards microSD, as well as taking advantage of USB-drives.

It is also a stylish box the size of 2,6 × 12,4 × 8,8 cm logo Remix boasts the presence of:

Of course, the selection of ARM-architecture rule out the possibility of using a full-fledged Windows platform . Nevertheless, the authors of the project do not see this as a problem, offering a complete Remix Mini proprietary operating system Remix OS. The basis for the above program environment, styled interface for Windows, will be a good friend to all users of mobile devices running Android.

It is worth noting that the Remix OS – not a trial chance to acquaint the public with the new modification of Android: in the materials 3DNews Kickstarter and archive can be found mention of the Chinese tablet Cube i7 Remix, as well as people from another project in the face of Google Jide Tech – branded tablet computer.

The main advantage Remix Mini is its cost, which is at an early stage of the pre-order was only $ 20. However, the number of models at a specified price was limited to five hundred units, which sold for some 12 hours if mentioned in early news hot burrito. Now pre-order on Remix Mini as standard possible for $ 30 (this amount is necessary to add more postage to your country).

If the said configuration nettop Remix you seemed enough performance for a comfortable holiday or work in the Android-medium, in this case, you should pay attention to a more advanced version of the mini-PC. Developers offer to become the owner Remix Mini, equipped with a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory (the remaining specifications are not changed). Cost Remix Mini 2 GB of RAM for participants crowdfunding equals $ 40.

If you want to save money when buying two Remix Mini? Jide Tech coming to meet you, offering a combined pre-order for a very simple formula: «Remix Mini (1GB RAM) + Remix Mini (2GB RAM) = $ 60.”

Supply ARM-nettop pre-ordered, regardless of modifications should begin in October this year.


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