Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review CPU-manager for android-devices: Kernel Tuner –


The ability to self-configure

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0% / 39.9-50.7 MB


There are bugs

Yes (only configuration)

Control System

Working with Governor



Kernel Tuner greets us with a friendly interface, bright (but in English). At the bottom of a small cozy perched banner. A is at the top of the processor and the battery temperature, and also sliders load on all four core. Below are a few windows tools.

We can not say that such a decision confuses, but his eyes start to run in different directions, bumping the core switches on, the banner on the ill-fated, and sometimes you have to look closely to the soft light green font index temperature.

450x281 37 KB. Big one: 1280x800 131 KB

However, the most interesting thing is hidden under the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the settings. You can check compatibility with Kernel Tuner, ie availability of certain functions, as well as view and adjust the swap.

Recall that the swap – is an analogue of the page file on Windows, that is, it allows you to unload from memory unused data on a specially created section on the flash card, thus freeing up space in RAM for the new tasks. Pretty actual function for the “public sector” with 512 MB of RAM.

You can choose a fixed amount of “swap” (from 64 up to 1024 MB), storage location and level of coverage.

450x281 19 KB. Big one: 1280x800 83 KB
 450x281 21 KB. Big one: 1280x800 90 KB
 450x281 20 KB. Big one: 1280x800 76 KB
  450x281 18 KB. Big one: 1280x800 78 KB
 450x281 37 KB. Big one: 1280x800 132 KB

By the way, seriously, swap-function of the program really increases the speed of the machine. This is all done on the machine and quickly.

With regard to the compatibility of the test device with Kernel Tuner, it had a little disappointed – only 26%, that is available to us only overclocking, statistics, IO-planner, SD-cache, but with the GPU, Sweep2Wake, Vsync work we can not. Unavailable and power management. So much for the comprehensive work with the “Chinese” …

450x281 145 KB. Big one: 1280x800 789 KB

Go to the settings. Here, to the delight of ordinary users, all Russified. You can choose how to run the application: usually, or using init.d-script.

For the record: init.d – system initialization Android, which starts all other processes. That is, if you trust the program to manage your operating system, you can safely choose this option.

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Especially for owners of HTC devices have the ability to temporarily make all core active. After removing all the crows returned.

Here you can reset all the settings in the kernel firmware, select the update rate in milliseconds, and the unit of measurement for temperature (Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit). Completes basic settings to activate change notification profile.

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 450x281 39 KB. Big one: 1280x800 153 KB
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