Friday, May 29, 2015

What is the latest Android M – Mail.Ru

Google has held its most important event of the year Google I / O 2015 online broadcast which took place at Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru. As expected, Google boasted figures spread Android, showed a number of new products, and also announced the newest version of the mobile operating system Android M, which we have already Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru close look.

On the first block immediately noticeable difference: now the date is written in uppercase, and quick access to the application “Phone” is replaced by the voice search (logically, anybody does not call today with their smartphones). Of course, one can see, and a new desktop background. Menu sounds and shutter with quick access to the settings have changed slightly, too.

Seriously transformed application menu: Now it uses sorting alphabetically with the distribution of groups according to the first letter in the name. At first glance, it looks cumbersome. In the settings for the developers an opportunity to turn a dark theme menu. Branded “Easter eggs” from Android (we click a few times on the OS version) is not lost, however, that it is laconic ¯ _ (?) _ / ¯.

Permits applications, as promised, we have become much more more flexible. There is an opportunity to see how all the permissions for each program, and see a list of the software with access to certain data systems and sensors. The downside appears that all applications by default provided with a full admission – is certain to change the official release of the final version of Android.

In addition, the Android M has a menu display RAM consumption, as well as the ability to customize the application so that even during power saving mode energy remains a full-featured application.

And here is the new application ” Google Photos “:

The stability of the first assembly, as always, at height. This is especially noticeable on the third-party applications that are a no-no, and refuse to work. This is not surprising, since the assembly has just been demonstrated, and the developers have not yet optimized their products for Android M. However, very soon we will probably get to a new place in the list of updates, many popular programs “Support for Android M”.



Alexander Gorodnikov,
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Source: Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru


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