Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wait for Android M – Sotovik

… the next major release of the most popular in the world of mobile operating systems.

Last year, real estate development event Google I / O 2014 was announced Android L, later became referred to as Android 5.0 Lollipop . On the upcoming conference, Google I / O 2015, which will be held in late May, we have not ruled out, look at Android M.

However, this is just a guess, given how few smartphones and tablets running under the ” lollipop “: Now the share of Android 5.0 and 5.1, account for only 10% of all mobile devices in the Google-platform.

As for the branding Android M, there are several options, including names such as Marshmallow, Muffin , Milkshake, Milky Way, M & amp; M’s, Macaroon, Molasses, Mocha Java Cake. In any case we are waiting for something sweet and dessert.

Regarding the new features Android M assumptions are as follows. Google will tell about the technology of voice access by teaching application developers to add to the program management function speech, in order to interact with them without using their hands.

Android M includes a communications layer, through which owners of mobile devices will be able to discover each other in the vicinity and then communicate. It is not excluded, it comes to connecting and recognition with ultrasonic frequencies emitted by the speaker of devaysa microphone and captured another.

Registration in style Material Design will continue to grow.

Android M will support devices and making the virtual reality.

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