Thursday, May 28, 2015

Google has introduced a new version of the mobile platform Android M –

Google has announced a new version of its mobile operating system, which is code-named Android M. novelty introduced Google vice president Sundar Pichai at a conference for developers Google I / O.

Among the main functions of the release – mobile payment system Android Pay and standardized verification using fingerprints at the platform level. For devices equipped with a fingerprint reader, will be available to unlock gadget purchases and authorizing Google Play, and developers will be able to embed the appropriate API to any Android-app.

15:19 May 28, 2015

Conference Google I / O

Also, Google has paid much attention to conserve battery power – in this sphere Android-powered devices are often criticized. Doze feature works by the motion sensor when the device is at rest for a long time, is activated by a “deep sleep” mode, the activity of the application in the background is severely limited, which saves battery power.

Google also promised users more control over how applications use their data – requests for job information will not be sent at the time of installation and use directly in the application.

The new feature Chrome custom tabs designed to make easier the consumption of web content on mobile . Just Android M will be about 100 new features, said Google vice president David Burke.

A preliminary version of Android M will be available to developers on the Nexus 5, 9, 6, and Player today, and the final version will be released in the third quarter this year.

The previous version of Android 5.0 Lollipop was first announced at the I / O in June last year, and the final release came out in October. According to the latest company to operate Lollipop 9.7 percent of Android-devices from which users access the application store Google Play. For comparison, iOS 8, which Apple also released last fall, has been operating for 82 percent of iOS-gadgets.


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