Friday, May 22, 2015

All that we know about the Android M – News Hi-Tech


The next week, on 28 and 29 May, Google will host its annual developers conference I / O. To get to it is not so easy – you need to pre-register for the site on Google, as the lucky ones who were chosen at random, now have to pay for the flight to San Francisco, a two- or three-day stay at the hotel and a ticket, which costs $ 300 for students and teachers and $ 900 for all others. It is expected that this conference will be presented the next big update Android. This is an indirect confirmation – it was found in the references to the schedule I / O. We have collected all the information that is known about the new version of Android at the moment.


For some time the new version of Android will be named M, which was subsequently replaced the name of some sweets, beginning with that letter. Most likely, the name will be kept secret until the official announcement of the final version of the update.


According to Reuters, on Android M will be implemented full-fledged operation as automotive infotainment system. Now Google has a separate operating system for cars – Android Auto, but it is very limited and only works in conjunction with your smartphone. Car info panel on the basis of Android M will be completely autonomous, they do not need to interface with other Android-devices.

Bloomberg claims that the new version of Android will return a function that has already been implemented in version 4.3. It will allow users to select the permissions granted to applications. Who drain version of Android this functionality is not present, but it is present in some custom firmware, as well as possible through the application AppOps.

The schedule of the conference Google I / O was made to function Voice Actions, which allows the user to manage voice applications without touching the screen of the device. According to Google, the implementation of support Voice Actions do not require developers to make substantial revisions to the application code.

Buzzfeed writes that Android M will be implemented native support for fingerprint readers. It will bring to market a lot of smart phones and tablets with fingerprint protection, and in the future, this feature may become a standard for most Android-devices, even inexpensive.

Release Date

Most likely, as in the case of Android L, access to a preliminary version of Android M will be open to all interested a few days after the conference I / O. Set it will be possible only on selected devices, which traditionally include several of the latest models of smartphones and tablets Nexus (this year’s Nexus Nexus 6 and 9). The official release of Android M held a few months later. Last year, the release of Android L delayed – initially it was planned that the update will be released in October, but it was released a month later. It can be expected that Android M will be released in late fall.

How can I upgrade?

Updates – the Achilles heel of Android. In due time they do not even get the Nexus, to say nothing of smartphones and tablets from other manufacturers. During the six months since the release of the update was installed Lollipop only 10% of the total number of issued units and hardly Android M miraculously appear all at once. However, an important part of Android – Services Google Play, and they are much easier to update and add new features, even some older devices. Most likely, this time Google will try to fit in these services as much as possible innovations, and Android will gradually become the operating system, which is updated several times a year, and gradually, with small updates.


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