Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Android has overtaken iOS for the first time revenues from mobile advertising – Ferra

The company Opera Software announced that the first quarter of 2015 Android is leading not only the volume of traffic on mobile advertising, but also, for the first time, in terms of income from it. On Android now accounts for 45.8% of total revenues from mobile advertising, according to the report State of Mobile Advertising Company Opera Mediaworks.

However, iOS still has the highest potential for monetization, in particular the best value for display advertising revenue. Thus, in the first quarter most of income from mobile advertising impressions brings iPad, the ratio of “income-shows” in the device was 4: 1. In addition, iOS still ahead of Android in terms of traffic and revenues from mobile video advertising. Coefficient full view promotional videos among Apple users still higher than among users of Android – 87,1% and 76,7%, respectively.

At the same time social networking and games are the most profitable categories. Category “Music, video and media” has traditionally been a leader in revenue on a platform Opera Mediaworks, but in the first quarter of social networks and games for the first time became leaders. Mobile advertising is widely used in developing economies. Despite the fact that the United States remains a leader in both the number of hits, and the revenue from mobile advertising in the past year significantly increased traffic in Asia (19%), the Americas (61%) and Africa (32% ).

Mobile video advertising is booming. Only in the year, the share of mobile video ad impressions increased by 6 times – from 2.5% in Q1 2014 to 15% in the 1st quarter of this year. Today, video accounts for more than half of all global revenue from mobile advertising platform Opera Mediaworks.


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