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Overview of the set-top Android + Kino One – Mobile-review

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Table of Contents:

  1. Specifications
  2. Package
  3. Ranking
  4. Appearance
  5. Hardware and software platform
  6. Conclusion:


  • Chipset Allwinner A10, 1 GHz, 1 core
  • Memory 1GB RAM + 4GB Flash
  • Interfaces HDMI Out, USB 2.0, microUSB, microSD
  • Power Micro USB (DC 5V 2A)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
  • OS Google Android 4.0
  • Dimensions 100x32x12 mm


The device comes in a translucent plastic package. In the box you will find a micro-USB cable to connect the power supply (or to a TV or to a network adapter), power supply, adapter with microUSB to USB and a special “gutta-percha” an HDMI input-output for easy connection to a TV. Also included is a wireless remote control (on the site is called a manipulator RC9S).

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This console is designed for those who need to have a little device that turns an ordinary TV with HDMI input in SmartTV. You get a full-fledged Android-device with all the consequences: the installation of any applications and games, music and video playback, photo viewing, and so on. In addition, thanks to a special program in the Android + Kino One can easily send media content from your computer to your TV, if they are in the same network Wi-Fi.

At the moment the device is about 5 000.

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The prefix, if it can be called, is a typical HDMI-stick, that is an independent gadget that connects directly to your TV without any wires or adapters. Dimensions also common – 100h32h12 mm, weight is not indicated on the site, but he is not so important, just less than 100 grams – very light.

The device is made entirely of a porous matt black plastic that looked strong enough, the assembly does not cause problems: no crunches, does not creak, not pressed to the “stuffing”.

Since the gadget is quite long, it may interfere with installation of other devices or cables. To do this Android Kino used L-shaped adapter HDMIout-HDMIin.


So, One easily installed in TV . If your TV is wall mounted, the adapter can be straightened and get an additional 60 mm. In this case, it will be easier to reach the terminals. However, such devices are set once and for all.


On the left is a connector on the console HDMI, the bottom – the entrance for power supply micro-USB DC 5V, full-sized USB 2.0. Above are: memory card slot microSD (maximum amount – 32 GB), a reset button and one micro-USB function OTG (complete find the appropriate adapter). On the right – a small LED gadget works.


Since the video review appeared earlier text, people asked a few comments issues. Most often asked, oddly enough, on how to connect the device to the TV. The answer is: Android Kino connect to HDMI input on your TV, connect the micro-USB cable to the device and put into the AC adapter (USB connector can have the TV, if available). The second question is about how to connect the wireless pointing device.

Pointing included. It is a rectangular brusochek reminiscent of the remote, but without the IR-transmitter. On top is a round stick with the “OK” button in the center, just below – “left click” and “right click” the mouse button off manipulator (not his power).

On the reverse side – Two slots for AAA batteries. Just above the hidden dongle to transfer data from set-top box to the wireless pointing device. To make it work, you must install the dongle in the USB-port full-sized Android Kino, all further settings are made automatically. Thus, you can connect a mouse or keyboard.


The device is Android Kino is heated, but not much, to bring warm air from one side of the housing provided holes.

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hardware and software platforms

Set-top box Android Kino One It is working on the chipset Allwiner A10, developed by Allwinner Technology Co. Ltd., based in Zhuhai (China).

The chip – not a novelty, because it was made back in 2012 and has been popular in the Chinese tablets. Is based on the ARM Cortex-A8, has only one core clock speed – 1 GHz.


If we talk about the speed of the interface, the particular problems there, but the gadget very slow: some applications long run, if the background of something is downloaded by itself Wi-Fi network is not very fast (some applications are downloaded Google Play clock). Often there are glitches such as “Application not responding”.

Inside is 1 GB of RAM DDR3. 4 GB built-in memory.

To check the audio and video codecs, I would like to use the program Antutu Video Tester, but she hung each time by 40%. Incidentally, the test did not go too Quadrant.

Almost all the test videos played back fine, but there was no sound of AC3. Video resolution of 4K machine does not “pull.”

Using the MX Video Player:

Test Result
Testing interlaced video Excellent
Testing codec VC-1, DTS-HD Video excellent, there is no sound
tests on 16 refreymov resolution 720p retarding
Test DDl TrueHD Excellent
Blurs Playing discs 40 megabit stream Excellent
Play mkv files with the flow of 50 megabits Excellent
Testing DDl TrueHD Excellent
AVC + AC3 Video excellent, there is no sound
Testing 16 refreymovyh files with a resolution of 1080p Stops
Testing of multi-channel dts-MA (DTS 6/8 channels, AC-3 2ch) Video excellent, there is no sound
Test smooth playback of VC-1 Excellent
Testing AAC codec with different quality channels Excellent

Still, I recommend to use other players, because there are problems with MX AC-3 codec.

I think the correct way to use Android Kino One:

  • As SmartTV watch movies through a variety of services such as
  • The transfer of media content from a computer using Wi-Fi and built-in special programs for AKO prefix
  • View the photos, videos and music from your smartphone on TV

The device works on the operating system Google Android 4.0. Branded shell is absent, so details on the UI makes no sense. Interface – all the usual desktop, menus and typical settings from Google. Among the applications you will find IVI, Megogo and the like. No special features.


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Once again, the price of the model Android + Kino One of 4 900 rubles. For the money you get a device that turns your TV into a SmartTV: networking, applications, games, viewing videos and photos. The main advantages – compact size and availability of the Android OS on board.

Most likely, those who have at home comes with Wi-Fi, and even more so with the “SmartTV” to this thing will not look closely because their “telly” knows about the same, except that you can not put a “difficult” applications.


  • officially sold in Russia
  • Good equipment
  • Plays most popular formats and video codecs


  • Not very democratic price
  • There are glitches, not very fast works with Wi-Fi (download)

Of course, in the Chinese online stores you can find and cheaper counterparts, but buying this model, you can at least count on-year warranty or replacement within 14 days (only in Moscow).

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