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Updating Android Lollipop provided full of flaws – BBC Russian

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system upgrade, as it turned out, remove applications that use the code Adobe Air

Users of mobile devices with the Android operating system told about the problems they faced, setting a new version Lollipop.

For example owners of the Nexus 7 tablets were told that their ustroysta become slower and the operating system constantly freezes. Some of them said that the tablet has become impossible to use.

The updated system, as it turned out, remove applications that use the code Adobe Air, and then not allow them to re-install.

Adobe has said that before Tuesday did not know about the existence of a software flaw and promised to look into the matter with Google. Press secretary of the internet giant could not comment on this post.

critical acclaim

The operating system Android 5.0, dubbed Lollipop, positioned by Google as a significant breakthrough in the field of operating systems for mobile devices. She was warmly received by critics computer.

Lollipop converts user interface, allowing the user to better control the appearance of alerts, and changes the working principle of software code that allegedly Google, should reduce the number of temporary failures.

Nexus owners talked about slowing down their devices and constant lockups

Currently, the new operating system can be installed only on some devices, because producers need to adapt the program to their models.

Among those who can do it, are the owners of the tablet Nexus 7, which was released on the very Google. Direct manufacturer of the device is the company Asus.

Companies Nvidia, LG and Motorola have also adapted the update for some of their mobile devices.

Based on dozens of posts on the forums Google, the biggest inconvenience of the new version of Android Experiencing owners Nexus 7 sample 2012 release.

“Some applications do not work, and some freezes. I regret that I install updates” – written by Kristen Sawyer.

The user with the nickname StretchToo also complained: “Chrome is not responding, it can not be used. The Firefox browser works just barely. The keyboard is loaded more than a minute, and she can use if printed with individual letters. But if you enable the swipe, then everything freezes”.

Out of the situation

But some tablet owners found a way out of this situation.

“Install Updates and Nexus works so badly, they just impossible to use. It starts to brake when simply rotate the screen, on the execution of each action requires 10 seconds, and yet the fact that it starts “- written by Gary Luker.

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Currently, the new operating system can be installed only on a few devices

“I turned off the app Google Now, shut off the animation when the applications and the limited number of applications running simultaneously to two, as advised here good people” – he shared his recipe.

Some Android users have found that the new version of the operating system is not compatible with applications running on the basis of Adobe Air.

With the Air software developers are able to use the Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver to create their applications. He is particularly popular from independent game developers.

Among the most popular programs that use this technology, you can select games like Mechanarium, Hero Mages Empire and the Four Kingdoms, and programs such as Instaweather Pro and Conqu.

“We have not known about this flaw. Contrary to earlier reports appeared, we’re not working with Google to resolve the error, – wrote product manager for Adobe’s Chris Campbell. – But we are working with Google on the problem of self-signed certificate, which affects the ability to purchase applications. Perhaps these problems are interrelated, but we do not have enough information to say for sure. But we immediately begin to understand this issue with Google “.

It is better not to rush

There are also reports that some users are experiencing problems sending CMC communications with management contacts list and connect to Wi-Fi.

The software flaws – not uncommon in major upgrades.

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Users have reported some applications can not be installed on an upgraded OS.

In September, Apple has apologized after September after installing the new operating system iOS 8 new iPhone, some users were not able to make and receive calls, also have difficulties with the functionality Touch ID.

The computer expert Ian Fogg from the consulting company IHS Technology advised not to rush to install the updates.

“with any software update, you must first make sure that it does not have any problems. Consumers like it when their devices receive a second life, gaining new functionality. But they expect that will continue all the functionality existed, but it does not always happen, “- said Fogg.

” In the case of the Lollipop surprising is that this version of Android is available for devices larger number of producers faster than any previous versions of the OS. Devices companies Motorola, LG and Nvidia get updates almost simultaneously with the Nexus. This is good for consumers who can quickly update your device, but it creates and headache for Google, which is necessary to deal with problems on a wide range of phones and tablets at an early stage “, – the expert added.


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