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Review Android 5.0 Lollipop – Android so you have not seen –


All users of the first versions of Android should well remember how uncomfortable and illogical system interface was at the dawn of its existence. While gold may be called for third-party interfaces, in which manufacturers of Android-smartphone trying to improve Google mobile operating system on your own. But the times are, today Android has risen to 5.0 and significantly transformed both internally and externally. Let’s see what the Material Design and how to change the interface with Android version 5.0.

Material Design

For a long time Google’s had no design standards for Android, so developers create interfaces to applications its sole discretion, that did not always lead to good results. The first step to Google restore order in the appearance of the OS and programs became output interface Holo. In it the company first started talking about some ideology Design Android, and although the developers were willing to use the new interface concept Holo lacked a broader approach. At Google, quickly came to the conclusion that Android needs more ambitious changes. Thus was born the concept of Material Design, which covers every aspect of the design of the mobile operating system of Google.


It changes the look of the OS from the icons to the animation. So what is the Material Design? It is based on the idea that slim design that recently gaining increasing popularity in the interface need not be flat.


This seemingly mutually exclusive approaches, in practice looks very good. Using a flat interface elements, Google in Android 5.0 does not waive their volume, as well as shadows. This combined style creates a nice effect, with stylish icons, and beautiful animation.


The logic of Google in Material Design is very clear, in reality we basically see bulky objects, but the flat interfaces look better on mobile devices. In its design concept the company has chosen a middle way, and judging by the look of Android 5.0, it is not wrong.

Lock Screen

In Android 5.0, developers have updated the lock screen, which now displays all the notifications and quick settings are also available. Thus, in order to see, for example, incoming messages on or off Wi-Fi, not necessarily unlock the device.

In addition, now in the bottom right and left corner of the screen displays icons phone and camera, pulling them, open the appropriate application.

The very gesture unlock occurs from the bottom up screen. In the settings you can also opt for this more secure way. For example, setting a graphical key, PIN, password, or face recognition.

The last function in Android 5.0 has become faster and more accurate, at least on a test Nexus 5. Unlock device with Android Lollipop possible and with using a Bluetooth-accessories, and it does not necessarily have to be smart to watch Android Wear. For example, if there will be a smartphone with Bluetooth-headset, it will not prompt for a password when you unlock.

Change user

In Android 5.0 has a full user manager. Smartphone is not so important, but for the family of the tablet can be very handy. With this feature, you can create a single device multiple user accounts and switch between them.

By default, the device displays the profile of the owner, as well as guest mode, but in its sole discretion, you can add a few more accounts. In this case, the device can enter another account Google and install the desired application. Additional user profiles do not imply that the owner (administrator) of the device can monitor other users. The only thing that he can, at least on a smartphone, it disable the ability to make calls and send SMS. For the rest, the device simply creates a profile with individual data.

Main Screen

The main screen in Android 5.0 Lollipop little has changed compared to version 4.4, except redrawn icons and new animation. Number of desktops, as in the previous version, there is no limit.

The user can still place them on application icons, widgets, and create folders. If perelistnut main screen from left to right, a window opens Google Now with a variety of useful information.


At the bottom of the screen are now displayed in the redrawn button” Back “,” Home “and” Overview »

Application Menu

System and installed on Android 5.0 Program gather in one menu, which also received an updated view.


To simplify the navigation application is now displayed on a white background, so their icons are easier to distinguish.

Notification Panel and Quick Settings

falls from the top of the display panel alerts at Lollipop was dramatically redone. Now she does not close the main screen, and only obscures it.

If a time display from the pull down the top of the display alerts, and if to stretch further, you will see the Quick Settings. Here you can change the brightness, turn on / off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto-rotate screen, GPS and video graphics display. Here you can see the number of consumed traffic, activate the “Airplane”, and, most importantly, include a flashlight.


The settings menu in Android 5.0 has received only a small redesign it on -prezhnemu list of icons with the names of the options.

From the innovations in the settings Lollipop you see “contactless payment” for mobile payments.

 Screenshot_2014-10-31-17-18- 27

In the” Battery “is now shown not schedule battery discharge and predict when the current activity, the time of the device.


In Android 5.0 you can now customize alerts, disconnect them, even if such no option in the program.


Sound profile

Switch the device on Android 5.0 in silent mode, you can use the volume keys, when pressed, it appears a special panel. It is possible to adjust the volume, set the unit to vibrate or mute the sound altogether.

Here you can specify all incoming calls and notifications or restrict them. To do this, you can select the “Do not disturb”, indefinitely or for a specified time, as well as “Important.” In the latter case, you can configure the system so that incoming were only from selected contacts. In addition, Android 5.0, you can select the option to mode “Important” includes automatically at a specified time.


Switching between programs, as before, is through a separate window with cards open applications.


It is caused by the extreme right control key which is located at the bottom. At least, so it is implemented in the Nexus 5 is likely appearance and location of the keys will be different depending on the manufacturer.


The window multitasking in Android 5.0 is called” Overview “, close the windows in it programs can be brushed them left or right or by using the cross in the upper right corner. Unfortunately, the keys that can be immediately shut Lollipop in all open windows no.


The application for voice calls in Android 5.0 by default shows “Speed ​​Dial”, and if Flick Right, you can open the call log, and contacts.

As in the previous version of Android, one of the most interesting features of the application “Telephone” Lollipop is a function of Automatic Number Identification. It works for both incoming and outgoing calls. For example, you call an unfamiliar city number, if there is evidence of it on Google, the program will show the name of the organization to which he belongs. In addition, the search line application, you can search not only contacts, but also the place. This way you can find the phone or any other pizza places that have maps Google. It is very convenient and saves time.


One of the most popular applications on Android in version 5 has changed significantly. Appearance Gmail was redrawn in accordance with the ideology of Material Design, but the structure of the program at the same time practically not changed.

The most important innovation in the new version of Gmail, this support for other email accounts. That’s right, the application now appears not only as a client for email Google.

Adding to Gmail can any email service that supports IMAP and POP, as well as corporate email on Exchange. This is a very correct step, because to work with email is always convenient in one application and not in two, as was the case with previous versions of Android.


Calendar in Android 5.0 has changed markedly . In it there is a new display mode “Schedule”, which shows the calendar of events and a ribbon. In it are interrupted months cute pictures, and in the schedule of meetings which have a snap to locate, map displaying Google.

will not delos display the calendar by day, and week.


The last option is shown only in the horizontal position of the display, but it can quickly view by simply turning the device on its side.


The application “Clock” is able to show local and world time, as it does have alarm clock, stopwatch and timer.

Out of interest in this program, it is worth noting “Night mode”, which displays on the screen turns off while the device.


This application does not need any introduction.

One has only to say that Android 5.0 it has also been redrawn.


In the address book, Android 5.0 displays the entire list of contacts, and you can switch to the “Favorites”, which contains marked by the user contacts.

big change in terms of functionality is not here, it is worth noting the possibility that perhaps pull contacts from Outlook, Yahoo and Exchange.


The application Camera in Lollipop similar to what can be downloaded on any Android-smartphone from Google Play.

In it, the user can create a “photosphere”, pan, make pictures with blurred background, photo shoot in HDR +, as well as record videos .


The application for storing photos in Android 5.0 is closely connected with Google+, and allows you to store pictures in the cloud Google.

The program can automatically enhance photos, create interactive galleries and animations from a series of shots.


As in the previous version of Android, a Lollipop SMS integrated with instant messaging application Hangouts.

In terms of design and functionality of the program is virtually unchanged.


The keyboard in Android 5.0 has been significantly revised. Changed its appearance, animation keystrokes, and even vibration response to pressing.

The user can select the keyboard theme, it can be white or black keys, as well as the old look Holo. For Russian and English in keyboard Lollipop has support Swype.


Chrome browser in Lollipop is virtually identical to that which can be downloaded from Google Play.

The only difference in the new OS browser tab is not displayed in the program, as well as a separate window. Thus, switching between them is possible only through the multitasking bar.

Google Fit

In Android 5.0 will be installed once the service Google Fit, which itself can only count steps, but with output compatible software and accessories will allow to collect in one place a variety of data about the health of the user.

Google Fit Works very well, and most importantly, virtually no effect on the autonomy of the smartphone.

Google Play, Google Keep, Play Games, Play Books, Play Media, Play Music

All of these applications are different from previous versions only redraw the design. As the whole system, it is in the concept of Material Design. Therefore, we will not harp on them is limited only by screenshots.

Google Play

Google Keep

Play Games

Play Books

Play Press

Play Music

Encryption, ART, Bluetooth LE and project Volta

In addition to the visual changes, there is a Android 5.0 and serious internal changes. One of the key is automatically enabled encryption for the entire contents of the device. Extract data from Android will now not so simple. In addition, for all applications including forced initially access control system SELinux, which prevents unwanted use of system processes and data.

The runtime ART (Android Runtime) in Android 5.0 has completely replaced Dalvik. This had a positive impact on the speed and running applications, their interface is smoother to work.

Working with wireless modules in Android Lollipop also improved, in particular, has been refined compatibility with devices when connected via Bluetooth Low Energy, which is important in the light of the development of smart watches.

And, of course, probably the most significant internal change in Android 5.0 can be called project Volta. This development should be to optimize the system for a more economical battery consumption. Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to fully test it work on a test Nexus 5, but purely subjective smartphone really started working 15-20% longer.

In the end

Android 5.0 Lollipop – this is a very important update for Android, which displays the Google mobile operating system to a new level. Material Design Concept combines the best of both flat and three-dimensional design that creates unusual, but overall a nice interface. And most importantly, it gives the opportunity to escape from the Android chaos in design to the calibrated to each pixel of the concept. Experience in the use of the OS shows that having a lot in common with previous releases, it nonetheless feels very different. Completed and more modern version of himself. It’s like a change from just a good car at a very good one. Certainly, the new Android is not perfect, perfectionist may not like the disparity in the size of icons, here Google and could not reach a unanimous verdict, and manufacturers can spoil everything by their shells. But despite this, Android 5.0 – this is definitely the best mobile operating system this year.


The editors express gratitude to LG Electronics Ukraine for providing for a review of Nexus 5


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