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Review Android 5.0 Lollipop – RBC

  This year, the presentation of new products Google was not quite normal.

  to show the public the tablet Nexus 9 and the Nexus 6, the company did not hold a huge event, and just announced a new device in its official blog. There’s also Google and told about Android Lollipop, a new version of the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

  And although the official launch of “Candy” for about a week, a preview for developers already, you can manually install the device on a series of Nexus, the first to see all that cooked Google. Here is the most significant and noticeable changes of the new Android.


  Redesign style Material Design

  The first thing that catches your eye – a new look of the system. Lollipop distinguish from last year’s KitKat very easily. OS has become much more attractive, elegant and visually in some aspects even superior to iOS. Looking for a new look Android, it seems that even the screen of the device (we installed on the Nexus Lollipop 5) was better. First time in the history of the system it can be called beautiful.


  New Material Design principle is to use the interface of rich colors, shadows and flat visually understandable elements. Reworked every element of Android, from the navigation panel and to the settings menu. Developers themselves are compared in control Lollipop with moving around the desktop paper sheets.


  While not all the offers are updated to Material Design, but it’s a matter of time.


  The new panel settings

  The new panel offers quick settings swipe down the notifications panel. It has added new option “hot” access: lock orientation, disconnection of mobile Internet and m. D. Visually, it was also redesigned.



  The new multitasking

  Multitasking in Lollipop called Overview, and principle of operation it has a little different than it was in the KitKat. Everyone who works in the background of the application is presented in the form of a separate card that can be scrolled in the same way as before. Only now, in addition to open applications, multitasking is a separate card displays each open tab in Chrome.

  In addition, the cards for each application in multitasking may be several. For example, the main window of the mail client, as well as the window of the letter that you typed, and then turned.



  Energy Saving Mode

  Now it is embedded in Android by default. When you turn reduces the frequency of the processor on and off some animation, which reduces power consumption. You can also automate the process: mode independently turn on if the phone will be 15 or 5% of the charge.


  Revised menu notifications

  As in iOS, notifications will now be displayed on the locked screen. But there is one major difference: notice that Lollipop displays on Lockscreen, no different from usual. They can whisk and disclose all the window. Unlock swipe with no need to.

  Another important innovation – the ability to set notifications priority. Set your phone in a special mode, you can manually specify the notice to be displayed on the screen. All of this is configurable for themselves: for example, you can leave a notification only from emails or messages in WhatsApp. The other programs will not bother you.



  Tap and Go

  Android has never been famous data recovery functions. If you bought a new phone, have to download the application from the “cloud”, each separately, as well as settings and contacts. It takes a certain amount of time. In Lollipop opportunity instantaneous transfer of all data from phone to phone. You just need to bring smartphones to each other, upon enabling NFC. As a result, we get two of the same in terms of the stored data devices.


  Superior voice input

  A few ideas creators Lollipop assembled in shell new phones Motorolla. The machine is now on Android 5.0 will listen to you, even if it is in standby mode. The phrase «OK Google» automatically activates the voice assistant voice and allow you to send messages, make calls and surf the Internet. Previously, all that could be done, just being on the start screen.



  Unlock by double-tapping

  In the Developers Preview of this feature yet, but Western journalists, who are already hold in their hands Nexus 9 reported that the tablet can be unlocked by double-tap of the screen. Such a possibility, by the way, already exists in the smartphone LG and some models of Nokia.


  Guest mode

  Android for quite some time supports multiple accounts on the same device, and a Lollipop this feature has been improved. There was a “guest mode” which allows you to hide your desktop, contacts list, and applications, and other information the primary user, and create a “clean” profile for the person who asked you the smartphone for a few minutes. It can check the list of SMS and contacts to make a call, and after a “guest mode” is disabled, the traces of unauthorized users can easily erase.



  Authorized Applications

  If a child asked you for the phone to play, but you’re afraid that he accidentally deleted from your phone anything important, you can in a special mode to select only those applications that you want to admit it. This is done by clicking on the quick bar pin icon. Thus, you can be sure that the child will play and not read your emails – it simply will not be able to run it.

  Dmitry Petrenko


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