Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The founder left the Android Google – PC Week / RE

The creator of the mobile operating system Android Andy Rubin is leaving the company Google, reports Wall Street Journal. He joined Google in conjunction with the acquisition of the search giant in 2005, a startup called Android Inc., has been developing the eponymous software for smartphones. Rubin was one of the founders of Android Inc., thus, it is one of the founders of the platform Android.

Until 2013, he led the mobile platform that runs most of the smartphones sold in the world. However, in March 2013 he left this post, having been engaged in a number of other projects, Google, in particular in the field of robotics. Under the guidance of Rubin Google has increased its portfolio in this area, having bought the company Boston Dynamics in December 2013 and in April of Titan Aerospace 2014.

Then Rubin as head of development at Sundar Pichai Android succeeded, who also led the work on the platform and applications Chrome Google. Recently authority within the company Pichai were significantly expanded – he got the leadership of virtually all of the key products of Google, including search and maps.

One of the sources told the publication that Ruby was heavily in the company, not quite encouraged his entrepreneurial ambitions . However, the Rubin said that Google is nothing to limit its independence. “Larry Page has allowed me to create a department of robotics exactly as I wanted. During the year we have made significant progress, “- he said.

In the near future, Rubin plans to create its own incubator for young projects that develop high-tech hardware products. His place in Google takes Kaffner James.

Recall that last year the trend “exodus” of Google’s top executives, some managers have gone to competitors. Head of Android Open Source Project Jean-Baptiste Kjer left the company and took over as chief engineer for mobile applications in Yahoo !. And before that, from Google to the Chinese company Xiaomi gone vice president of product management at Android Hugo Barra. There were rumors that the reason for his dismissal was that Google co-founder Sergey Brin led Barry girl.


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