Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dangerous virus captured Android-smartphone – Dni.Ru

Dangerous virus based on the Android operating system can be preset to freshly bought smartphones. For its complete removal requires full access to the system.

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

The experts of the Russian company “Doctor Web” reported the appearance of a new Trojan called Android.Becu.1.origin, which is embedded in the firmware of smartphones based on Android.

After connecting to the Internet, a malicious application downloads in the smartphone additional modules and install them into the system. These modules are responsible for the main functionality of the virus – invisible to the user to download, install and remove applications on the team managing the server.

Remove Trojan with the phone is problematic, as it works as a system application and just can not delete itself. If you remove the downloaded malware, virus just download them again. Buyers of new gadgets risk of getting your hands on the device already infected, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

According to the “Doctor Web”, the virus can be found on a budget smartphone UBTEL U8, H9001, World Phone 4, X3s, M900, and many others. The best way to “cure” the smartphone is getting root-access (full access to the Android) and installing a “clean” system.

This is not the first major infestation Android-systems lately. Dni.Ru wrote that the web is gaining strength new, “aggressive”, the version of SMS-virus Selfmite. The first version of the Trojan researchers in the field of cybersecurity revealed summer. He sent a link to the APK-installer containing malicious code, the first 20 contacts in the address book of the victim.

His new form, Selfmite.b, more aggressive: it sends thousands of SMS to all contacts and doing it in a circle, warned the company AdaptiveMobile, dedicated cybersecurity. “Worm” has already infected the Android-based device in at least 16 countries, including Russia, Canada, China, India, Syria and Mexico.


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