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6 Android-apps that will cause envy owner iPhone – BBC News

iOS platform is rich in exclusive application. Moreover, many programs and games to get Android just months after the release on the iPhone. Nevertheless, owners of Android-devices today also boast cool tools that iOS users can only envy.


This application can not go out on iOS for several reasons. Firstly, because of the closeness of the operating system and, secondly, because of the intransigence of Apple in the fight against piracy. Nevertheless, the presence of a full-fledged torrent client – is an important plus. There are so many different types of content (completely free and legal), which is much easier to download “torrent” than from other sources. Android users can not connect to a computer to quickly download to your device movie, book, app or music album. Agree, it is very convenient, especially compared to the dreary (unless of course you do not pokupatete all content exclusively from Apple) synchronization procedure i-devices via iTunes.

Download uTorrent available free on Google Play. You can also find other torrent clients to taste.

Nova Launcher

Do you want your smartphone looked and worked exactly as you want? Want to customize the appearance of the screens, make the most important features for you at the forefront or assign them simple gestures like double-clicking on the screen? Android users can do this by setting any of the hundreds of programs-launcher on Google Play. But the owners of iOS-devices for customization shell have to do quite a dangerous procedure dzheylbreka, which not only can reduce the reliability of the system, but also lead to a breach of the protection device.

One of the best “launcher” on Google Play can be called Nova Launcher – it is stable, the default looks like “stock” Android, it is designed for a huge amount of time, there are a large number of advanced settings.

The application is available for free download from the Google Play


Heavy Duty Action planner for the smartphone, allowing to debug the operation of the gadget to the smallest detail. A similar service Automator is an integral part of Mac OS X, but analogues for iPhone not exist in nature.

C using this application you can set how the phone will behave in different situations 200, based on the time of day, location and other features. Just imagine: every time you walk into a library or lecture, the phone automatically switches to silent mode. Or imagine that every time you go out to work, the phone automatically sends an SMS to his wife “came out, reheat soup, soon will be.” And so on until beskonenosti – automate absolutely everything, if you look in the settings.

Download Tasker can in Google Play, paying $ 100.

Muzei Live

Appendix Muzei Live Wallpaper posted daily on the desktop, smartphone or tablet is one of the masterpieces of world art. The developer of the program is the Google employee Roman Nurick, known for his work on the interface of Android and as the creator of the popular widget DashClock.

In order not to mix with icons canvas in the background slightly blurred, however, twice tapnuv on it, you can view picture in its original form. If you want to see more canvas, learn the author’s name and the year of creation of the work, go into the app itself. Every painting is easy to share on social networks. More about Muzei Live Wallpaper read our review.

Smart IR Remote

Android-flagships are beginning to get a built-in infrared port. No, he did not need to, with bated breath, send images, hiding under school desk phones. Applications such as Smart IR Remote, converted smartphone with infrared port into a full remote control of any home appliances.

Imagine that you no longer have to look for the TV remote to change the batteries in it and fight for it with his wife – a smartphone is always on hand to change the channel, turn on your favorite song on the music center, set up the projector and so on.

The application can work with 700,000 different devices – there is an opportunity to create macros, widgets, various combinations. The program does not even have to open – she knows how to roll up in a small window while you use other applications. In general, for iPhone users it seems most of this fantastic, if not magic – with their devices can be commanded via Wi-Fi only mediakombayn iTunes on your computer or prefix Apple TV.

Smart IR Remote can be downloaded from Google Play for 300 rubles. If desired, you can find less convenient, but free analogues. For example, TV SideView from Sony.

Light Flow

Almost all Android-smartphone, unlike the iPhone, has long received the LED-indicators – a tiny light that notifies you about missed calls, messages and letters.

With a simple free app Light Flow can adjust the color of the lights on each specific type of notification. You are free to decide what color to notify about calls, how about SMS, emails, calendar reminders, and so on. This will help to unlock the device less often, saving time and battery power.

The program is available for free download from Google Play


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