Monday, November 10, 2014

Trojan for Android infects new smartphones – the Russian Newspaper

Experts of the Russian company “Doctor Web” reported the appearance of a new Trojan called Android.Becu.1. origin, which is embedded in the firmware of smartphones based on Android.

malicious applications after turning on the unit and connect to the Internet is loaded into the memory of your smartphone with additional modules hacker site and installs them in the system. These modules are responsible for the main functionality of this malicious Android-threat – namely, the possibility of invisibly to the user to download, install and remove these or other applications on command control server.

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In this case, remove the Trojan from the phone is problematic, especially for inexperienced users – Android .Becu.1.origin operates as a system application. If the owner of the smartphone will destroy the Trojan downloaded modules, then after a while they again will be downloaded and installed.

Thus, buyers of new gadgets are at risk to get infected already smart phones, which will carry a hidden malicious activity. To date, according to experts, “Doctor Web” Trojan application can be found on a budget smartphone UBTEL U8, H9001, World Phone 4, X3s, M900, Star N8000, ALPS H9500, as well as many others.

It is worth noting that the above mentioned devices are mostly Chinese-made counterfeit, repetitive appearance of the flagship models of the major manufacturers – Apple iPhone, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 made by Samsung and so on. Technical parameters of “clones” often differ from the original for the worse.

According to the experts, “Doctor Web”, one of the ways to “cure” the smartphone is getting root-access and installation of a “clean” system. In this case the memory is deleted, all information, so that users need to take care of backing up data.


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