Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"VKontakte" for Android rewritten from scratch - BBC News

in RuNet’s largest social network “VKontakte” has released a radically updated client for Android-powered devices. The developers say that the program code has been completely rewritten, and her new look is now consistent with the recommendations on the design of Google.

Externally the application really was different. Navigation buttons below are no more – they were moved to the sidebar, which extends swipe to the right. A black icon with the letter “B” on the desktop in the company repainted blue. Making friends pages was very similar to the profiles of Twitter. On them is a summary of the person, and in small blocks indicate the number of his friends, photos, subscribers, etc. To read more information about the user to click on his avatar.

Friends List conveniently grouped in alphabetical order, as in the address book. If the speed of the previous version have been claims that the new application questions asked – everything opens quickly and clearly. Among other new features is called a cover in audio player and support for Emoji emoticons in dialogs.

The disadvantage is the relatively large “card”, which is not very pleasant owners of compact smartphones (<3.5 inches). Despite the statement "supports full functionality of VKontakte," comments the mobile version still can not be edited, and when you add a video upset spelling mistake.

Compiled mostly negative reviews complain that the program periodically howled. This problem really is – a couple of hours of tests on Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2.2 client podvis twice when scrolling news feed. Others complain about the poor quality of the pictures, nostalgic for the bottom and a black theme design. Some zayavvlyayut that they are not shown smiles, but this seems to depend on the firmware. Officially declared support for Android 2.0 and above.

in all, despite the pleas of “Pasha, return it as it was,” client “VKontakte” Android has changed for the better: he pleases smooth animation transitions between menus, pleasant colors, icons, and more reminiscent of the original site. Download “VKontakte 3.0″ can be from Google Play now.

Source: Google Play

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