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Google announced a new version of the operating system Android - Moskovsky Komsomolets

U.S. company Google has officially announced a new version of its operating system Android, which received no 4.3

in San Francisco (USA) for a special event Google has introduced a new 4.3 version of the mobile platform Android Jelly Bean, which includes a number of new features for both users and application developers. The first device that go to market with Android 4.3, a new tablet Nexus 7 as well as in the days to update will be available on devices Nexus 4, the old Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus HSPA + worldwide. Versions of Google Play Edition smartphone Galaxy S4 and HTC One will also receive updates of the first.

From the new to the OS in the first place to mention the ability to create limited profiles on the plates using a multiplayer mode. This feature can be used for parental control by restricting access to content, payment, etc., and for example, in shops using tablet limited account for interactive display product information.

The second addition is ideal for those who actively use Bluetooth-enabled devices. In Android 4.3 adds support for technology Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth Low-Energy), which reduces power consumption of wireless data transmission which helps to extend the battery life of both the Android-based device, and connected to it Bluetooth-devices.

But such innovation, as support for the latest versions on a standard 3D-graphics OpenGL ES 3.0, for sure will please gamers. Google promises that it will raise the Android game to the next level and add them to photorealism.

In “dialer” an opportunity to completion – with the first set of numbers or letters you receive a list of appropriate contacts. This feature is enabled in the “dialer».

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Visually, not much has changed. Normal user visible changes almost not notice, and not surprisingly because a minor update, but still dainty. So that changes in appearance, most likely worth the wait is already only a yield of Key Lime Pie, but for now tell you about cheyndzhlogah Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Bluetooth Smart. In the version of Android 4.3 adds support for Bluetooth Smart technology or Low Energy. It is not surprising, because for modern smartphones appears more and more accessories and sensors, which must constantly interact with the main gadget, giving it a variety of information, or vice versa – receiving data from it. Then you and the various Smartwatch and fitness sensors that can monitor how many calories you’ve burned per session, heart rate monitors and other Semi-Medical stuff. They gather information, and analyzes its your smart phone that communicates just Bluetotth Smart, which allows you to keep Bluetooth permanently active, but at the same time to save battery power.

Smart nabiralka numbers. In general, this feature has long been implemented in a variety of branded envelopes and add-ins from Vendrov, for example in the Sense from HTC. The point of it is that when you dial a phone number, the application automatically scans your address book, checking out the various contact fields for compliance string of digits or letters that corresponds to it. As a result, you can see hints with the three most suitable candidate contacts, which should reduce the time to dial or find the right person, because the probability of the desired display is very high. If necessary, this feature can be disabled in the settings.

3D Graphics and OpenGL ES 3.0. New Member of the Google Nexus 7 already comes with support for 3D graphics and OpenGL ES 3.0, which is currently the industry standard. Its use will enable even more detailed graphics in games, to make it more spectacular and impressive. For many games that means making photo-realism in graphics: the grass and the leaves become quite like the real thing, the texture of asphalt will be indistinguishable from what we see in the real streets. An example would be very soon Asphalt 8, which will be specifically optimized to run just on the Nexus 7, to show the maximum capabilities of the platform.

Advanced profile management on the tablet. This change will affect only tablet users on Android. Supporting profiles already appeared in principle to Jelly Bean, and it is now possible to create profiles with limited rights. That is one administrator account can control all the others. For example, children can limit the ability to view adult content or prohibit the shop with the gadget.

now on all new devices will default to walk instead of Google Hangouts Google Talk, and Google Keep, Drive, Chrome.

Out of interest – reworked the logic of notifications. Notifications will now be history, which you can view.

In addition, there is support for Virtual Surround Sound, improved mechanisms and predictive text input, additional containment, improved positioning on wi-fi, etc.

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