Thursday, July 18, 2013

Samsung will put Android on the "clamshell" - BBC News

Samsung decided to recall the past and has expanded line of Galaxy “clamshell” on Android. The gadget is going to be cheap, but quite functional.

Many thought that with the advent of the era of iPhone mobile phones laid out thing of the past – modern flagships and “middling” almost without exception belong to the candybar. However, not everyone got used to the touch keyboard, some prefer the good old miniature push-button phones with flip-up lid. Version of the “clamshell” allows to combine a physical keyboard with a relatively small size of the gadget.

According to CNET, with reference to the Korean edition of the Digital Daily, “clamshell” will be called the Samsung Galaxy Folder. The gadget will receive a relatively small screen with a resolution of 800 by 380 pixels and a fairly powerful dual-core Snapdragon S4. The device will support fourth-generation network and run on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean .

Use of this form factor can be an important step on the way the campaign to occupy different niches of the market. While Apple, in fact, provides the world in just one universal model of phone, Samsung is trying to diversify its supply. For example, its flagship Galaxy S4 company released in multiple versions: with an improved camera is protected from dust and water, and to the “pure” Android.

Source: CNET

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