Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Google Android Rockchip turned into a mobile version of Windows - 3DNews

company Rockchip, known as a manufacturer of processors for smartphones, tablet computers and other devices are also engaged in software development for all these gadgets. Her last creation – is a heavily modified version of the mobile operating system Google Android.

modifications undergone first interface Android – System and previously supported the launch of several applications at the same time, but now it adds support for Windows, just like in Windows. In other words, from now on the screen can display all running apps – they do not unfold on the screen, and are in separate windows.

Each window is a tune from Rockchip Android allows you to change its size. This functionality allows you to simultaneously read email, browse the latest news on the Internet, play your favorite games and watch movies at the same time. In short, this version of the operating system Android – only for real Caesars.


inactive, but wherein the displayed application OS from Rockchip not be suspended, as it happens in the usual Android. From this it follows that Multiple windows – an advantage extremely powerful mobile, particularly tablets. Using this feature in smartphones is also quite possible, but whether it will be useful when you have not the largest display?

addition, while Android Rockchip has just three analogue of the Quick Launch bar – located on the left column pop-up notifications on the right is placed the main Quick Launch, and the top edge of the screen is a list of running applications. All panels are activated by holding a finger on the corresponding area of ??the touch screen.

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