Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three premieres Google - BBC

Google Inc. introduced a new version of the operating system Android 4.3, the new tablet Nexus 7 running on the basis of the OS, as well as set-top box Chromecast, which has become the main surprise of the event.

last night in San Francisco held a press conference with Sundara Pichai, senior vice president of Google, in charge of the operating system Android and Chrome OS (the same name with the famous Google Chrome browser, operating system). The event presented a new version of the Android 4.3 operating system and a new tablet Nexus 7, rumors of which went for a long time, and set-top box Chromecast, was a surprise.

Set-Top Box


Chromecast prefix allows you to display content on the TV from your phone, tablet or laptop, according to an official company blog. With the help of the gadget users can display video from a TV streaming services, movies and music from Google Play, as well as any material that can be opened in a browser. The user can manage content from their mobile device or PC.

However, if you, for example, connect to your tablet Chromecast to show kids cartoon on the TV screen video only, and not everything that happens on the display tablet. Thus, simultaneously with the broadcast video over the set top box you can check on your gadget-mail or surf the web.

feature of the device – its diminutive size. Length gadget – about 5 cm, he looks like a USB flash drive. The device connects to the TV via HDMI and connected to Wi-Fi. Chromecast can work with on smartphones and tablets on the Android and iOS, as well as on computers that are running the browser Chrome. Google also released a SDK (set of tools for developers), which allows the introduction of technology in support of third-party programs.

novelty has already gone on sale, it costs $ 35. U.S. users can purchase the gadget online store Google Play and in retail electronics. When Chromecast will be available to customers in other countries, is still unknown.

Google already has experience in the creation of devices connected to the TV. Since 2010, the company develops hardware and software platform, Google TV, whose mission – to provide access to online content from the TV.

New Nexus 7

At the same conference, Google introduced the long-awaited new generation of tablet Nexus 7 .
tablet, like all the gadgets in the line of Nexus, the first device based on the new version of the OS – in this case, the basis of Android 4.3, which Google introduced at the same event.

Gadget is a logical continuation of the previous model, the Nexus 7, which came out last year. Like the Nexus July 2012, the company released a gadget ASUS.

This new tablet Nexus 7 weighs 50 grams and less than 3 millimeters thinner than its predecessor. The tablet is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, the RAM from 2GB to 4GB and two cameras: a 1.2-megapixel and 5-megapixel. Recall from last year’s version of the gadget was less powerful processor Nvidia Tegra 3, 1 GB of RAM, and only one – the front camera with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels.

In addition, the new tablet is the same screen size as its predecessor – 7 inches, but the resolution of the display has grown and is now 1920 by 1080 pixels. Google Vice President Hugo Barra said the Nexus 7 has the highest resolution display (323 dpi) of 7-inch tablets.

charge the battery for the Nexus 7 should be enough for 9 hours of video playback or 10 hours of Internet surfing.

Gadget Sales in the U.S. will start July 30, 2013. Version of the tablet with 32 GB of memory and the ability to connect to cellular networks will cost $ 350, similar to the tablet without a cell modules – $ 270, while the cheapest version of the gadget with 16 GB of memory – $ 230.

When the device users will be able to buy from Russia, is still unknown.

Android 4.3


new version of OS Android 4.3 is not very different from the previous version 4.2. The main innovation of the new version of content is the ability to create user profiles with limited rights. First of all, the function is said to Google, is designed for parents: they can make inaccessible some applications, block access to certain sites or block to make purchases using the tablet.


Android 4.3 supports Bluetooth Smart low-power and specification of OpenGL ES 3.0, which will help game developers.
Among other innovations in Android 4.3 includes support for Bluetooth wireless technology with low power consumption (Bluetooth Smart) and support for the OpenGL specification ES 3.0 – this will allow developers to create more advanced Android game.

Android is not the first operating system that implements the ability to create “child” accounts. Windows 8 users can also connect to the “children’s environment,” restricting access to applications and videos on the device.

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