Friday, July 19, 2013

Android application meets VKontakte Version 3.0 - 3DNews

official application for social network VKontakte for the Google Android operating system updated to the new version with an index of 3.0, and has received several new features and improvements. As usual, the client is distributed free of charge, and you can find it in the directory of Google Play.

According to the developers, they paid special attention to the interface: the application VKontakte 3.0 is positioned as the brand new client for the new shell, more convenient and intuitive. Code optimization has led to an increase in the stability of the software and increase its productivity.

app VKontakte 3.0 for Android has received all the features of a mobile version of the social web, that is, from it you can write personal messages, view news feed, upload photos, music and more. All this, of course, available as separate bands, especially the photos of friends and news. User profiles now appear quite differently and carry a lot more information than before.

VKontakte 3.0 now works with investments in the comments, supports the “Share” and can display album art in musical compositions. The lyrics can also be viewed.

All of the above – it’s only the main innovations are present in the application VKontakte 3.0. A complete list of changes can be found in his description of the store Google Play.

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