Sunday, July 21, 2013

Horn on Google Android -

Horn on Google Android game called Horn – was a surprising discovery in 2012, as was a very high quality product from the developer Phosohor Game Studio. It is designed specifically for the iOS platform and Android. This game is famous for its exciting plot, an unusual and rich world, known combat system. It gives professionals the right to assert that the Horn – this is a game with a capital letter.


At present, no one is surprised the game, which as a graphics engine using Unreal Engine 3. However, no matter how fast technology developed for mobile devices, their quality leaves much to be desired. As the number of polygons in each game, the developers are paying less attention to the plot. Most often, it replaces some introductory video.

In addition, the games often becomes outrageously primitive, where for a long time, the player must perform the same action. And very rarely happens that the game is characterized by diversity. Among these incredibly rare exceptions – Horn. The first thing that strikes the player – it’s a special charm of novelty.

Here you can see the bright and colorful pictures on which the designers have tried, the story is quite interesting and not pitted, just absorbing all the player’s attention. In addition, the game is underway unique and vivid battles, explore the surrounding territory, and solve puzzles. And it’s not just interest the, and even absorbs the player.


He’s in the game is a key element, as in most such cases. The main hero, as the name suggests, is a Horn. One day he wakes up and sees that his native village turned into a real ruin, and instead of his countrymen now live a completely unfamiliar creatures.

After a few minutes of the game the gamer comes to the conclusion that there is – it is his neighbors and other residents of the village. They simply have been exposed to spell that and turned them into the unknown monsters. Now, in front of the Mountain is a series of tasks – to help his village, find out who has imposed on the inhabitants of such a powerful spell, and, of course, to remove it.

The game is filled with a variety of interesting monologues and dialogues, which are an integral part of it. This is due to their significant meaning, as well as an outstanding sense of humor with which these conversations are ongoing. Also, the game has a voiceover, commenting on what is happening in the mind of a hero. It adds a certain fairy tales and epic.


The gameplay is just teeming with unexpected events and situations that can not fail to win over the minds of many gamers. All fights are held at the highest level and will certainly produce adrenaline even a player leveling, study areas and puzzles – also did not disappoint.

The hero fights the creatures and once he overcomes them, the spell loses its power, and we see before humans or animals. Of particular importance are traveling, as Horn is constantly going somewhere and it is not always the path devoid of obstacles.Making

Everything is very bright, colorful and pleasing to the eye of even the most avid gamer. Only one conclusion – the developers have done their best, as the popularity of their creations continues to gain momentum.

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