Friday, December 9, 2016

Russian robot-Android “Fedor” will have the ability to self-learning – TASS

the MAGNITOGORSK on 9 December. /TASS/. Russian robot-Android “Fedor”, created for the emergency situations Ministry will receive in the future abilities of self-learning. This was reported in an interview with TASS the General Director of the company NGO “Humanoid machines” (robot maker) Alexander Permyakov.

“the process of self-study on this model, which now shows not available. In the future it will be necessary, because self – learning is the main direction of development of Autonomous robotics,” he said.

According to Permyakova, now Fedor can already act on their own initiative within a narrow scenarios. “For example, he may for local navigation to build a three-dimensional map space, to define an object or obstacle within the prescribed script to perform an action – to take the instrument to produce with any operation, for example, take the key and open the lock in the door,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

As explained Permyakov, many of provided for “Fedora” tasks were taken from MOE job descriptions rescuers.

“the Project “Rescuer” was planned as a demonstration of the technology, such as climbing stairs, the ability to insert the key into the lock, open the door, turn on the lights, to overcome the blockage of debris, the use of the car, use a fire extinguisher. These and other objectives spelled out in the job description of a lifeguard MOE, on which we focused. Our robot successfully completed all conditions of the technical specifications”, he said.

“Fedor” was created by the company “Android technology” and Fund advanced research on the technical task of the Ministry. The project aims to create a technological reserve for 10-15 years in the development of Electromechanical gear. As previously reported, in 2021 Fedor should be the sole passenger of the new spacecraft “Federation” during his first orbital flight.


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