Thursday, February 27, 2014

Supercomputer of smartphones running on Android. VIDEO -

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HTC has announced the creation of a “supercomputer on Android» – voluntary distributed computing system that is based on smart phones, Power to Give.

According to the developers, for the program of smartphone owners will need to download the application Power to Give, then the computing power of the smartphone will be made available to HTC. Prerequisite for the smartphone in a distributed network will be installing it on charging and inclusion in the network Wi-Fi.

company, in turn, provides power need them data centers. According to the company, 1 million smartphones HTC One corresponds to the computational capabilities of a petaflop supercomputer capacity of 1 (10 15 of floating point operations per second). The current record holder supercomputer performance Tianhe-2 (Tianhe-2) has a real performance 33.86 petaflop (up 54.9 petaflop peak).

Annex Power to Give, necessary for inclusion in a network of distributed computing, was

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