Friday, February 7, 2014

For Android created 10 million malware - Russian Newspaper

Today for Android created more than 10 million malicious applications, according to the report, prepared by the “Kaspersky Lab”.

According to experts, in January this year was found about 200,000 unique instances of malware for mobile devices. This is 34 percent more than at the end of 2013, when the collection “Kaspersky Lab” there were about 148,000 samples of malicious applications.

  •  ” Kaspersky Lab “named the most dangerous virus
  • A new virus for Android can transfer money from card fraudsters victim New virus for Android can transfer money from card fraudsters victims

Specialists company also noted that the majority of “malware” for Android is developed by hackers who have Russian roots. As an example, the company leads the most dangerous mobile Trojan family Carberp, who hunted the financial data of mobile users. Its creator, who acted under the name of Sergei Samsonov, uploaded to Google Play store multiple versions of a malicious application, customer-oriented various Russian banks.

“The Android platform has always been and continues to be the main target of hackers. To infect devices they choose different methods, including the establishment of a malicious application, – emphasized in” Kaspersky Lab. “- So, today the official Google Play store offers users more than 1 million applications in the same informal sources of Android applications is many times more, but there they are highly likely to prove harmful and dangerous “.

with a reported increase in the number of mobile malware experts Russian company were at the end of 2013. Then in the “Kaspersky Lab” also noted that serious of them were aimed at stealing money and confidential information. The Android platform is still the main purpose of intruders – it spent more than 98 percent of all mobile threats.

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