Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dungeon Keeper came out on iOS and Android - Hi-Tech World

Dungeon Keeper came out on iOS and Android

More than six months ago, Electronic Arts acquired the rights to the brand Dungeon Keeper and announced the “reset” series. Now under this title was a game for mobile devices based on iOS and Android, which is now available for download from the AppStore and Google Play.

basic principle remains unchanged: the player dungeon landscaping so that climbing out of the woodwork raiders got to gold. This can be done by installing as many traps and hiring goblins, trolls, demons and other evil spirits. Dungeon Keeper received an updated visual style, and spreads it on the shareware model. Plus, the game is fully translated into Russian.

Original Dungeon Keeper was released in 1997. Her design studio engaged in Bullfrog, and chief designer Peter Molyneux made notorious (Peter Molyneux).

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