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Every week we publish a list of the most important, interesting and significant events that occurred with Android and Android-applications in the last seven days.


Sleepy Time Sounds – an application that helps you fall asleep. Tormented by the habit of staring at a smartphone or tablet in bed? In the morning, cursing himself, and in the evening again repeat my mistake? Sleepy Time Sounds will help build your own playlist from the sounds of the surf, rain or fire that will drive you to sleep faster than usual. Sleep – is primarily useful!

MIXTRAX – Robot DJ for your MP3-tracks, which will do everything automatically: pick a similar style to the rhythm and music, create seamless playlist. For best results, be written in the smartphone as much music, connect it to the charger and start the process. Well, then you can safely be sent to your favorite gym!

Stack Exchange – a social network of questions and answers, where users themselves are organized in large and small communities (currently 114). Web version began its history in 2010, and the mobile (at least officially) only appeared now. If you speak English, you are bound to find something interesting, and if you do not own – a great reason to learn it.

NVIDIA Tegra Zone – application for quickly and easily find new games, which until now has been available only on Tegra-devices. Now people can download and try all comers. In Tegra-exclusives to play, however, still does not succeed, but many of them are versions for devices based on other chipsets.

Game THE aMAZEing Labyrinth – mobile Arrangement board game in a new way, finally got up and Android. 13 million copies sold of the original, several modes (including – multiplayer) and a colorful design. You can feel like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft though.

Game Marvel Run Jump Smash! – an endless runner with familiar characters and tons of action. Colorful cartoon style, special attacks, locations directly from the comics, compete with friends – what more do you need? HULK SMASH!

Game Rogue: Beyond The Shadows – a full action-RPG with spectacular visuals and – attention! – Exclusivity for Android. Story, starting with the main character amnesia, hardly anyone seems interesting, but a lot of different weapons and magic – completely. The game is free, but will show you dismount for money advertising.

Game Dungeon Keeper – an energetic dance on the bones of the once popular series. Of thoughtful and intelligent strategy Electronic Arts made fun F2P-style Clash of Clans. It is undeniable that the new mobile DK looks nice, but what’s inside? Wait for our review.

Game « Balance Rises » – a new version of the legendary razvlekalochki Marble Madness. A bead, there is an obstacle course, your task – to hold the first to the second, not allowing a fall into the abyss. All controlled by tilting the mobile phone and instantly addictive.

Game Flappy Bird – came from iOS to Android arcade about the bird and tubes between which feathered creature need to be made through a primitive one-touch control. Addictive endless, complex and free – for short sessions the fact. On the iOS popularity Flappy Bird acquired explosive nature; Android on its future seems to be too light (more than 10 million downloads).


Google updated the app for Android-remote control device. Fixed various bugs, improved performance, but most importantly – now need to enter a password at startup, which further enhances the security of your electronic companion.

Android-application and I with Nicholas La & # x43F; to: 27 January - 2 Fairies liar

Official Twitter client for Android now lets you edit photos before publishing them – resize, rotate and crop them. Also added the ability to view additional tweets, accounts and so popular even after a full view personalized ribbon.

Android-application and I with Nicholas La & # x43F; to: 27 January - 2 Fairies liar

Big update in the game Clash of Clans added to it several new abilities of the characters (opened on the fifth level) and improved management clans. In general, if you Clash of Clans already abandoned, now is the time to go back.

Game Dead Trigger 2 this week also appeared major update. Three new types of weapons, ability to add other players to friends, new locations (Evropa!) automatically treating Player gadget and a few other little things. We play once liked, and now has become even better – than no reason to hunt zombies yet?


Thursday as APK-file in the network application flowed Samsung Life Times, which, it is easy to guess, is another exclusive application for smartphones line GALAXY. Life Times collects from different applications (camera, SMS, email, music player, Facebook, etc.), information about your life (sounds suspiciously, huh?) And presents it in the form of a nice looking daily reports. In general, even the NSA do not have to strain.

This week it became known that the popular music service podpisochny Spotify is looking for a PR-head of the Russian branch of the company. This can only mean one thing – Spotify soon officially will not be available in the Russian Federation (and reasons to download free music you will not, yes).

Android-application and I with Nicholas La & # x43F; to: 27 January - 2 Fairies liar

research firm Kantar in a new report said that in the fourth quarter of 2013, Android’s share has grown considerably. In the U.S., devices based on the mobile OS market took more than half (50.6%) and in the five largest European countries, its share rose to as much as 68,6%.


And without that great app Duolingo January 30 officially supports the Russian language. Now you have no excuse at all to not try it!

Android-application and I with Nicholas La & # x43F; to: 27 January - 2 Fairies liar

Nintendo, it seems, still have to succumb to the modern trends in the gaming industry. After a bad start console Wii U shows the company’s financial results is extremely sad. May even be a couple of games for Android release!

Disney announced a mobile game based on the “Star Wars,” which is due out this spring and called Star Wars: Assault Team. Encouraged to collect, collectible card and win their imperial henchmen – sounds interesting, but much is not clear. Forward, of course.

once powerful and insidious Zynga, whose name has become a household name in the gaming industry, bought the studio NaturalMotion, which you can remember in games Clumsy Ninja and CSR Racing. We hope that Zynga leader Don Mattrick will succeed, because the purchase was expensive – $ 527 million

games and applications run on the smartphone Alcatel One Touch Hero.

Read about mobile applications in our section APPS. New materials – every day.

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