Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 remained without Android 4.3 - 3DNews

company Samsung, as it became known, has suspended distribution of new firmware for its smartphone Galaxy S3, renovates its Google Android OS to version 4.3. So far no official confirmation of this fact, but the owners of the candy bar confirms that have not been able to get the update.

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the former leader of the Korean manufacturer. It was released half a year ago, but still in high demand.

It should be clarified that the firmware with Android 4.3 yet been released for the Samsung Galaxy S3, but after a small amount of time after its release, it was withdrawn from circulation. The fact that the firmware, which offered owners of Samsung S3, was unfinished and contained a number of errors and shortcomings that turned the smartphone into a useless device that constantly freezes and drains the battery in a matter of hours.

Excessive consumption of energy and the instability of the operating system – it’s not all misery that entails the update of the software component on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Users had to install this firmware negligence, were also faced with a broken multitasking, a locked up while playing mediakonteta from which saves only a complete reboot, as well as a very badly-functioning module Bluetooth, poor reception Wi-Fi and the “black screen of death” in the the conversation.

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