Monday, November 18, 2013

Game Anomaly 2 came out on Android - 3DNews


11 bit Studios, Anomaly Warzone Earth has created and Anomaly Korea, combining the elements of strategies and games like Tower Defence, released this year, a new part of a pretty successful series of arcade games – Anomaly 2. Now the game has reached and mobile devices running Google Android – it is already on sale for $ 5 in the app store Play.

The game Anomaly 2 developers have created a new post-apocalyptic world, improved graphics thanks to a new engine and kept the basic elements of Anomaly Warzone Earth, adding a number of innovations in the single-player campaign. But the biggest new feature is the emergence of multi-mode dynamic competition between the players (“the protection of the castle” against the “castle defense»).


Anomaly 2 Anomaly Warzone Earth concept was developed by the new mechanics – for example, the player can transform combat units in walking robots with different shapes and features, making the fights more diverse and dynamic. The developers promise an almost infinite number of ways to combat the formation of the group. In a multi-process, players can choose the side of aliens or humans (in the first case it is necessary to prevent the breakout of people, and the second – on the contrary, to break through the defense).

optimized for the tablet game can offer several alternative endings in the single-player campaign, depending on the approach of the player to the enemy machines.

also reported that 11 bit Studios is engaged in the transfer of the project Anomaly 2 on the gaming platform PlayStation 4.

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