Monday, November 18, 2013

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co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-sun Huang, shared his views on the future of the operating system market and the prospects of the company. According to him, the world of technology is developing so rapidly that it is necessary not just to keep up with trends, but also to ask them, opening new niches and filling them successfully.

Jen-sun Huang with NVIDIA Shield

According to Mr. Huang, this company helps system Android, thanks to its openness and scalability:

Android – the most explosive operating system over the past decade. We have some development on Windows RT, but the main effort to adapt Windows to ARM will be to work on a tablet Microsoft Surface, while the vast number of resources of our company in the field of design will be used for Tegra Android. System from Google – it’s not just smartphones, is tablets, game consoles, personal computers, and more. Console Shield – this is our attempt to show that Android may well serve as a platform for publishing high-quality games with rich graphics. I am sure that in the near future, Android will become an important part of the gaming industry’s first tier, and devices such as Ouya or Shield are just the first swallows. In my opinion, Android – the most flexible system in the history of the industry, and it is perfectly suited for cloud computing, bringing together dozens of companies working on a variety of services off-site storage, synchronization, and data translation. So it is very likely that Android will become the dominant system in many segments of the information technology industry, not only in the market of smartphones and tablets.

Visual computing is becoming increasingly important, so the technology of our company will be in demand more and more. The increasing demand for graphics processors gives us a new perspective. First NVIDIA intends to aggressively promote Tegra chips to the car market as a hardware solution for embedded systems, as well as the market of multimedia consoles. Despite the fact that the market for traditional computers is experiencing difficulties, we have managed to thrive by working with cloud computing and mobile solutions GRID Tegra. As before, we have been able to maintain a high demand for its Tesla and Quadro, so I’m confident in the bright future of NVIDIA.

However, despite the bravado of Mr. Huang, experts point out that the president of NVIDIA disingenuous, since the Tegra although it is a very profitable business, special revenue from the company does not have. Furthermore, GeForce graphics solutions for smartphones and tablets occupy only about 5% of all revenues from the market of ultra-making, giving Adreno from Qualcomm, Mali from ARM and PowerVR from Imagination Technologies. The company intends to remedy this situation by licensing microarchitecture Kepler, which will join the Tegra 5, third-party designers of systems on a chip. Specific announcements is expected only at CES 2014 in January next year.

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