Friday, November 15, 2013

Battlefield 4: the iOS app is now available commander, the version for Android - later -

Company DICE today in an official game blog

The fact that Battlefield 4 is a multi-platform game, has been known since the announcement, but what exactly is the responsibility of the commander? As commander of the player will be able to observe the actions of the team and help it in various ways: the exploration area for the presence in it of enemy troops and / or equipment; dumping of munitions and new technology, the key point of attack using Tomahawk missiles, or with the help of a huge aircraft AC- 130 sailing on the map. Also on the list of powers is listed the ability to run the drone, creating strong interference, depriving the enemy commander “of».

To become a commander, the player has to reach at least level 10 in multiplayer. After that, you can go directly to the server as a commander, or take command after login. The system works simply: who first stood up – and sneakers. Maybe only two command (respectively one for each side).

If the team is not satisfied with the way the commander shall discharge his duties as a squad leader can vote for the impeachment of the commander of his post. And that’s fine. The air is already felt the heat of passion on game pablik servers: the struggle for power, instigating, betrayal and fall. Charm.

Download the app for iOS can be in AppStore, by clicking this link . Version for Android, recall, will be available later.

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