Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ABI Research: Android will break into the corporate segment - 3DNews

R?R?R?R “P ° S?R?R? R?R?S?R” R?R?R?R?R?S? R?S, C ‡ R?S, S? R?R P ° ° P “of the Republic, the Republic ‡ R?S?R?R?R number R?R?R?R?R ° R?ReRe ABI Research, S?R?R S?S ° C,” R?R?S

Android S?R ¶ R? R?R?S?R?R?R “S?R?R? P” R?S, R?S?R?S ‡ R?R? S?R?S?R?R?ReR “P ° ° S?S? R?R R?R?S, S?R?R ± res, R?R” S?S?R?R?R? S?S

R?R?R ± PEP “S?R?R?R? S?S?S, S?R?R number ft ft R?R? ‡ res, P ° R?S, S?S? R?R?S, R?R?S

R?R?R?ReR?R? Samsung, R?R?R?R?S?R?R?ReR?R? R?R?S?R?R?S?R ° C, ReR?R?S

R?R ° C, ° F R?S?ReR “C

R? ft R?S ‡ R?ReR?:

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