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Nintendo 64 emulator on Android + review Mupen64Plus V3 Alpha –

Personally I met this console through a video JonTron. In particular, he talked about such a wonderful child [sarcasm] game like Conker’s Bad Fur Day. And the rest of the game on the N64 Rareware studio pleasantly surprised. In general, I want this thing to go through. On the emulator, of course, with on Android, as in connection with obtaining arms GameSir G3s I wanted to try out the controller wherever possible.

 The console itself was published in 1996, and competed with the first Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. With a little outlandish joystick and outdated storage medium (kartirdzh against CD competitors), N64 left due to Mario, Zelda and products from Rareware, and proudly held the battle against PS.

 Play the Nintendo 64 emulator is now possible, which is understandable. But what? If you pursue the case on Windows or Linux, the situation outlines tasty and healthy. However, I am not looking for easy ways. I have a smartphone, and I will use it! I’m not bluffing !!!

 So, the only viable option for Android is Mupen64Plus, which I foolishly called Mugen. This – a cross-platform Nintendo 64 emulator open source, licensed under GNU GPL / GPL v2. It uses developments Mupen64, released in the wild in 2001. I already had experience in the use of the version Plus, however successful I would not call it.

 The fact that most of the applications from Google Play Mupen64 using an older version, in its different variations. This trend has picked up and the Happy Chicken, through which my first introduction to the Nintendo 64 games happened. It was short, but bright. Conker’s Bad Fur Day went with the index FPS, close to 5-6. Since starting the cut-scene was the game engine, and miss it was impossible, it had simply postponed the phone sideways for five minutes.

 The gameplay, the situation was not much better. Because sound travels dёrgayuschegosya was possible, but the buzz went faster than boiled rice noodles through holes in a colander. With other games it was pleasant – Mario and Starfox had a significantly higher FPS, but cutscene still surprised. Sags footage appeared graphical artifacts to fill the screen … If I played them through the VR, it would be a sim addict, not otherwise.

 It would seem that the situation is a stalemate. Only the other day I found out that there is an alpha version 3.0, unlike 2.0.3 and even 2.5, which are available on Google Play. It was hard to get, but it was worth it! The first thing that definitely catches the eye, it is more spacious and user-friendly menu with a library of games, and last running. First, the user’s hand which climbs more or less experienced, is the setting. And they … scarce, surprisingly. Well, is not that quite meager, but the management is not there.

 He’s not there because it specifies the matter directly to each game. Before you start, you can set up a profile controller (one to four), and the profile of emulation, as well as zoom, resolution, cheats and even direct access to Wikipedia! What can we say, my fears proved unwarranted.

 The fear is gone, but the problems remain. In particular, it was necessary to do something with GameSir G3s, through which I had planned to play. The new interface shows the basic mode control with dignity, through the sticks it is possible to switch between items. The biggest problem has arisen with the sliders such as setting transparency, but this mode mouse showed himself fit.

 The new version of the application support physical joysticks has become much better. Presets to determine as much 13 pieces, including PS3, Ouya, Xbox, Shield, MOGA, MadCatz, and many others. G3s clearly defined as a good half, but it works best option with Xbox. Oh yes, it is possible to save your own presets, both through job all keys individually or by copying and editing has finished.

 Another feature of successful Mupen64 – autosave after the game. It is devilishly important when you need to adjust the control for themselves, and quickly check the preset passing game menus and other little things in life. Also through the menu system, you can make screenshots. To me it is good to make life easier.

 As for FPS, the braking … noticeable. But playing it, despite my fears, do not interfere. Stability raised very seriously, and the problem seems impervious savers hesitant systemic changes at 300% to 10% of the original. There is also a quick switch button.

 As the whole thing is played? Great. Apart from Conker’s Bad Fur Day I ran Banjoo-Kazooie, Banjoo-Tooie, Star Fox, Super Mario, Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong and Banjoo-Kazooie. 007 Golden Eye struck me with his control (horizontal navigation on a Stick, Vertical – on the other), but, in contrast to the old version, then you can now shoot! But Killer Instinct Gold does not start at all. Simply African American screen and everything. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time a little trouble with the control.

 As for the game files, they are free in the vast expanses of the Internet. Mupen64 Plus itself can recognize the files as bare .n64, and discharge the same in the ZIP-archive. Are they scan through the file system. However, you can select a file manually.

 On the bottom line, we have what Mupen64Plus V3 (version, which is in alpha) is virtually flawless N64 emulator on Android, and the only version that runs Conker’s Bad Fur Day at a playable speed. Ability to control things like autosave system and rapid removal of a screenshot V3 do even better. Here’s my recommendation, and now I’m sorry – my proteins hangover after NG.

 How much sound strange phrase “hangover squirrel”, do not you? ..


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