Monday, January 25, 2016

Billions of smartphones – RBC Daily

Android – the world’s most popular operating system, but Google, which owns the platform, never revealed her income. Total revenue Android – $ 31 billion, said during the trial lawyer Oracle Corp.

The operating system for mobile Android devices brought corporation Google $ 31 billion in revenues and $ 22 billion in profits, writes Bloomberg referring to the transcript the hearing on the process against Google another American Technology Corporation – Oracle Corp. Previously confidential information about the income of the most popular mobile OS in the world, announced at a meeting of a lawyer Oracle.

The lawyer did not specify the period to which they are given numbers and what kind of profit he has in mind. The figures announced by the lawyer Oracle, prepared on the basis of its own methodology, which the company did not disclose quotes Bloomberg anonymous interlocutor.

Google asked the federal judge of San Francisco with a request to edit the published transcript of the meeting, due to the fact that a lawyer Oracle improperly disclose “highly sensitive information” that the documents were marked as “permitted only to the reading of a lawyer.” Transcript has been removed from the electronic database of the American courts today, says Bloomberg.

«The company does not disclose publicly how much profit brings Android separate from the core business of Google», – quoted in the document word representative of the search engine. “These non-public data are extremely sensitive in nature, and their disclosure could have a material adverse effect on the business across Google», – he noted during the trial.

The annual report of Google for 2014 (for the 2015 th has not yet been published) contains the overall financial results of the company. Corporation Revenues in 2014 were $ 66 billion, and profit – $ 14.4 billion.

Google introduced Android operating system in 2008. For Android the company earns in two ways – through advertising, which is displayed on a mobile device where you installed the operating system, and from the app store Google Play, notes Bloomberg.

The Android operating system is by far the most popular in the world , according to research firm IDC. Android’s share of the world smartphone market as of the second quarter of 2015 was 82.8%. The second most popular operating system for mobile – iOS (owned by Apple) – with about 13.9% of smart phones.

In addition to the revenues of Google from the same transcript, it became known that Google has paid the company Apple $ 1 billion for the right to be the default search engine on devices running on the operating system iOS.

Oracle is suing Google in the past five years, accusing the company founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to use software Java (it belongs to Oracle) to develop Android. Oracle estimates the damage at more than $ 1 billion.


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