Friday, January 15, 2016

Detected the most cunning virus for Android – Russian newspaper

Employees of Symantec’s anti-virus reported finding a new version of mobile banking Trojan for Android called Andriod.Bankosy, which can be called the most ingenious of all existing. It practically does not differ from other malicious applications, steals banking information, except for one detail.

Like other banking Trojans, Andriod.Bankosy infects the system and intercepts login data in e-banking system, as well as SMS-authorization codes that confirm transactions made. From the rest of the malicious program distinguishes the interception of voice calls, through which passed the authentication codes.

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This service provides its customers with a number of banks – if desired, the user can choose as he get the code by SMS or by voice call, where numbers dictate a synthesized voice.

infect the device Andriod.Bankosy gadget translates into silent mode and includes call forwarding to a call with the code sent directly attackers. While waiting for the owner of the smart phone call, information about the secret code is already in the hands of hackers.

In the Symantec noted that to date, the virus is active in Asia, where the forwarding is activated by a simple USSD-request. However, according to experts, the mere appearance of such a program, says that voice transmission codes can not be considered reliable.


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