Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Samsung is not going to upgrade to Android 5.1, none of their devices – androidinsider.ru

 Samsung Galaxy S6

What the user does not like OS updates? Especially this rhetorical question for those who were lucky enough to enjoy the flagship device of a particular manufacturer. But, unfortunately, the official announcement of the new version of the green robot does not mean that each of the vendors throws all the forces for an early upgrade their smartphones and tablets to the latest version. For example, Samsung and does not intend to update their devices to Android 5.1. At least for now.

Earlier, web rumors that the company is working on an update to Android 5.1 for the Galaxy Note 4, which also supposedly was to bring to the device and an updated version of TouchWiz, which appeared on the Galaxy S6.


However, the SamMobile , based on the information of its insiders, said that these rumors are unfounded. According to the resource, Samsung not working on updates to Android 5.1 not only to Note 4, but in general none of their devices. Also, no matter how sad about this report, no information and update the user interface to rethought version of the sixth “Galaxy».

Currently, Samsung has updated to Lollipop (5.0) only the Galaxy S4, S5 , Note 3 and Note 4. It is reported that the company is now focused on updating the A-line smartphones and possibly other older devices, but on a specific date, unfortunately, is not known.

Recall that changes in Android 5.1 has 15 thousand lines, of which we have isolated 10 most important to the user. Of course, the fact that Samsung is not working on an update now, does not mean that it does not appear in the future. Maybe it’s only here in priorities. Nevertheless, for some it may be another reason to hold off on buying a new device.


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