Saturday, March 7, 2015

Google intends to adapt to the Android virtual reality – RBC

Google intends to adapt to the Android virtual reality – RBC

Google has plans to adapt the Android operating system to virtual reality, writes The Wall Street Journal.

After the social networking site Facebook has acquired for $ 2 billion manufacturer of virtual reality glasses Oculus VR, Google requested a team of engineers to develop a version of Android for virtual reality systems, told the publication two people familiar with the project.

According to them, the project Google is working “dozens of engineers’ and other staff. The company’s plans – the free circulation of the new operating system. Press secretary of Google declined to comment.

Gaming companies and representatives of the entertainment industry sees great promise in the development of applications for virtual reality. At the Game Developers Developers Conference in San Francisco, Oculus products manufacturer nVidia cards and enjoyed great interest the participants of the event, said the WSJ.

Facebook has closed the acquisition of the company Oculus VR in July 2014. Its cost was $ 2 billion, and the creators of cash received only $ 400 million, the remainder will be paid in shares of Facebook. Oculus owners can get an additional $ 300 million if the company achieves certain performance.


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