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Review of android-smartphone Samsung Galaxy A7: iPhone 6 Plus half the price of ordered? – Overclockers.ru

Device Type

Samsung Galaxy A7

Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, 8 cores, up to 1.5 GHz

The video
Adreno 405

Operating System
Android 4.4.4

Memory GB
16 ROM, 2 RAM

5.5 “, 1920 x 1080, Super Amoled, up to 10 touches

cameras, megapixel
13.0 main, front 5.0

GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G (850/1900/2100), LTE

The number of SIM-cards, pieces.
2 (one slot Universal – SIM / MicroSD)

Support MicroSD

Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.0, NFC


Battery mAh

Dimensions in mm
76.2 x 151.0 x 6.3

Weight, g

Price, rub.
30 000 – 32 000

The characteristics are very good – a level flagship “planshetofonov” yearling ago. Pleased with the support for LTE and a modest 5.5-inch form factor weight. However, the latter has the expected reason – low for such a device battery. However, remains to be seen – all of a sudden the Korean manufacturer in efficiency of their vehicles has already reached that 2600 mAh here will be enough.

About the price once again will not, proceed directly to the Review of Samsung Galaxy A7.

Packaging and accessories Samsung Galaxy A7

The Samsung comes in a bright blue box on which immediately becomes clear to what series it belongs:

450x439 30 KB. Big one: 1024x1000 92 KB

In all other typical Korean manufacturer: and forms factor, and materials, and even the distribution of information blocks on the box here is the same as in the previous models Samsung – so good unification.

450x450 40 KB. Big one: 1000x1000 268 KB

Inside, it turns out that almost the entire horizontal area of ​​the box takes the unit itself – even as something scary for it during transport.

450x419 22 KB. Big one: 1074x1000 71 KB

Package routinely stowed below. And here, too, without revelation: the minimum documentation charger unit (5 V, 1.55 A) with a separate data cable micro-USB headset with accurate and in-ear headphones. However, the latter somehow with attachments only one size, which may not suit everyone.

450x300 19 KB. Big one: 1500x1000 110 KB

Appearance and design of Samsung Galaxy A7

By design, all devices Samsung Series Galaxy A – twins. More precisely, we just really like brothers, but of different ages: a baby A3, A5 and the average overgrown A7. Otherwise, apart from the size, they are virtually identical.

So long to dwell on all the details we will not, we will walk briefly.

427x450 30 KB. Big one: 948x1000 116 KB
 203x450 27 KB. Big one: 676x1500 80 KB

The main and the main distinguishing feature is a series of all-metal body. Alas, the back cover of the protective coating itself is not perceived, but under a layer of polymer is actually metal. On the side faces questions asked – aluminum and be seen, and he felt fine.

450x409 12 KB. Big one: 1100x1000 41 KB
 200x450 27 KB. Big one: 668x1500 78 KB

Despite the size, “planshetofon” comfortably fits in your hand (of course, if she was used to the 5.5-inch “spades”). Even slides are not too much.

The height of 151 mm can be considered adequate. The width of the vehicle with chetyrehmillimetrovymi side frame around the display could be slightly less than the current 76.2 mm. But the thickness of 6.3 mm is very good. As weight – only 141 g

543x450 102 KB

Light machine, as in our test – more milk than white. It looks elegant. Availability and dark variant, which is also pure black will not name. And the screen, as usual with Samsung, there does not merge with the rest of the front panel, its rectangle even when switched off stands out.

Well, the third, golden-sand option – further evidence of what a smartphone manufacturer sees the main competitor Samsung Galaxy A7.

450x321 10 KB. Big one: 1404x1000 58 KB
 450x387 11 KB. Big one: 1164x1000 49 KB

elements – exactly the same and similarly situated, as Samsung Galaxy A5.

It was hoped that through greater cross-sectional area the camera will be able to make a recessed. But alas – apparently, the module itself is too voluminous.

All sensors are available, as well as LED. Particularly pleasing hardware navigation buttons: side sensor and the central control room. Looks standard for the latest devices Samsung.

450x345 12 KB. Big one: 1248x956 53 KB
 450x334 28 KB. Big one: 1348x1000 127 KB

The backlight is white, medium (optimal) brightness is adjusted by working times. LED flashes slowly by default and can not be adjusted.

405x450 11 KB. Big one: 900x1000 38 KB
 405x450 12 KB. Big one: 900x1000 40 KB

Headset jack located at the bottom – many fans to listen to music from your phone will appreciate this decision.

450x156 7 KB. Big one: 1500x520 36 KB
 450x152 7 KB. Big one: 1500x508 37 KB

Smartphone molded, extracted only on the side of trays of cards: one SIM, and the second universal – the SIM or MicroSD. Set simultaneously two SIM-cards and memory card traditionally Series will not work.

450x357 11 KB. Big one: 1146x910 42 KB

The quality of the Samsung Galaxy A7 is at a decent level. No wonder – for the disposable metal housing. No backlash, no squeaks here, all gaps are narrow and even uniform – not all manufacturers do it.


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