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Cyanogen reborn under a new name

the Company Cyanogen, the developer of mobile firmware CyanogenMod, has revived under the name of Andrasta. Evidence of this was posted on the social network Twitter, the former CEO of Cyanogen Kirt McMaster (Kirt McMaster). He shared two photos, one of which represented the views of the office of Cyanogen from the street. On the glass door visible logo Andrasta, it is possible to see on publicity boards in the office.

some time later McMaster has deleted his tweet, but the journalists managed to make sure that the photos correspond to reality, the resource Droidmen. Tenant office exchange could not have Cyanogen signed a lease this space until 2018 Thus, the identity of Cyanogen and Andrasta can be set.

In the social network LinkedIn ad hanging on the staff in Andrasta. The company is looking for employees in 15 areas. Among other things she’ll need application developers for Android, operating systems, real-time, and other. Andrasta more willing to hire experts in Android integration, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, food analysts and managers, and web developers.

Mysterious photo

photos of the office, lined with McMaster, it is clear that the building Cyanogen is in some disrepair. In addition, it has recently suffered from a traffic accident – in the corner of the house was hit by a Tesla, which apparently was the reason for the publication of the photographs. In the same post McMaster posted another photo, which shows this car, with a dent on the bumper.

the Company Cyanogen reborn under a new logo Andrasta

it is Not quite clear who owns the car. However, the Google Street View allows you to see that the same car, or very similar, was standing some time ago in the Parking lot near the building Cyanogen. Perhaps the owner of an electric car is someone from the staff or the McMaster. In any case, the existence of this car made it about the foreign media to suspect the Tesla part in the sudden revival of Cyanogen. This would explain how the company had funds.

it is Noteworthy that on the website Andrasta right under the inscription “built by people” is a Tesla logo. There you can see the logos of Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm and other prominent players in the it industry. Foreign media have suggested that officially the rebirth of Cyanogen in Andrasta will be announced in the near future.

Abstract Problems

About the problems of Cyanogen began in July 2016, when the company announced that it plans to cut 20% of staff, or about 30 workers. Dismissed were those employees who worked on the development of Cyanogen OS is a commercial version of the firmware CyanogenMod. Announcing the reduction, the Director General of Lior Tal (Lior Tal) suggested that the company will develop mobile applications instead of advancing and refining the “Android alternative”.

the New strategy was to fix the position of Cyanogen, which recently struck a few blows. For example, in August 2016 in the media appeared information that the company resorted to deception, inflating in the official report the number of users of its OS. In 2015, the leadership of Cyanogen said that the firmware uses 50 million people, but according to the internal report to the Board of Directors in 2016, the number of users amounted to only 25 million.

a Mysterious electric vehicle has forced the media to suspect the Tesla part in the rebirth of Cyanogen

In October 2016, the company Cyanogen has said that stops the further development of the actual OS, and will instead create so — called modules- modifications and additions, which smartphone manufacturers will be able to use in addition to Android. The modification was planned to create on the basis of separate parts of CyanogenMod. The project is called Modular OS.

At the end of December 2016 Cyanogen announced the shutdown of services Cyanogen OS. Developers non-commercial version of the firmware responded with rejection of the brand Cyanogen and the creation of a new system LineageOS, which will replace CyanogenMod.

What is CyanogenMod

the Mobile platform CyanogenMod, which was established in 2010 based on Android, has a number of advantages over a product of Google. Among them enhanced support for visual themes, codec support FLAC, database access point, OpenVPN client, enhanced reboot menu, support Internet sharing over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, overclocking, CPU, etc. the List of officially supported devices includes about 250 models, among them the popular gadgets of all brands, including the flagship Samsung devices.

the Best honours CyanogenMod from Android is that manufacturers do not have to pay Cyanogen royalties for every sold device, as is the case with Google. Cyanogen also does not require a preset along with its OS to a large number of applications. Appreciating these differences, the media called CyanogenMod “Android killer”.


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