Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Google has denied the information about the number of requested data Android Auto –

Google has denied the view expressed in the magazine Motor Trend assertion that it has developed software Android Auto collects full telemetry machine on which it is installed. Google’s official statement published portal Techcrunch.

Motor Trend mentioned this particular Android Auto due to the refusal of the use of Porsche sports car program 911 Sarrera. According to Google, the information was wrong, and the software does not send her information on the situation of the gas pedal, the oil temperature and coolant. “Members may agree to provide Android Auto information that is useful in unmanned mode of driving, as well as for more accurate operation navigation system,” – said in a statement.

The company did not explain why the Porsche preferred product competitors – CarPlay from Apple, – although in other vehicles of the Volkswagen Group has used Android Auto.

According to Techcrunch, when Google first represented automakers Android Auto, then wanted to get more information on the machines with the help of the program. Porsche to take a decision before the company decided to limit the list of the requested data. The official announcement of Android Auto was held in June 2014.


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