Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Google Cardboard application installed on 15 million Android-devices. Added support for Google Street View – iXBT.com


Google has announced that Google Cardboard application for mobile devices that run on Android and iOS, now available in 39 languages ​​in more than 100 countries around the world.


We also learned that the documentation for the creators of content is now published in 10 languages, and the application itself is already installed more than 15 million Android-devices.


Cardboard SDK software development kit has been updated, the main innovations is to increase the performance of applications that use the engine Unity, as well as a new algorithm for combining the signals from the gyroscopes and accelerometers. As a result, users will be faced with less effect when the picture continues to move, even if you do not move your head – especially in a budget smartphone, equipped with sensors appropriate quality.


Finally, Google announced that you can now consider the panoramic views of streets in Google Street View by Google Cardboard.


Source: Google


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