Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Vulnerabilities Android: develop paranoia – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)

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Android – the most powerful mobile platform and, as a result, the most vulnerable. We have so many have come to trust their smartphones, they become a tasty morsel for hackers. With access to the smartphone, a skilled hacker will have access to all of your accounts, accounts, personal photos and correspondence, and even be able to track your movement and conversation. In doing so, they help to vulnerabilities that have been found by experts in the field of security. Here are some fresh vulnerabilities, the knowledge of which will cause you to be more careful with your smartphone.


Let’s start with the main thing. The vulnerability, dubbed Stagefright, considered the most dangerous. We have repeatedly written about it, and many are still under threat because of the possibility to receive MMS-message with the malicious code. Sending such a message, an attacker can gain access to your smartphone’s camera and microphone, and you, without knowing it, are starting to broadcast everything that happens to you. In August, when it became known about the vulnerability, an attacker were exposed to about 95% of all active devices on Android, and with time the situation has not become much better.

Galaxy S5

We are told that the fingerprint scanner improves safety device. Unfortunately, on some devices this is not true. Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One Max and some other models, equipped with a scanner, can be cracked. In this case, a unique pattern on your fingers will belong to you. It is hoped that this problem would not be in devices on Android 6.0, which supported fingerprint scanners at the system level. Let’s hope that Google is unable to provide adequate security.

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Another team of researchers in August found the hole in the multi-tasking Android. They have shown how it can be exploited, and that’s scary. Of course, you do not enter your account and password in a suspicious shape. But what if it looks exactly the same as the login window Facebook or Gmail? Attackers can spoof the user interface, forcing you to give up their own data. According to the researchers, the attack affects all recent versions of Android.


service personnel familiar with this type of malware that we will complete this story. Android users looking for content for download adult agree attractive software, and give a touch of a software administrator rights. The application changes the device lock code, accompanying this demonstration banner, extorting money, which allegedly allow the Federal Security Service to close his eyes to the interest of users to illegal content. Experienced users will never caught, and if they are caught, it is easy to cope with a banner, but for beginners it can be a problem.

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