Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tatfondbank updated mobile app for iOS and Android – Information portal of the

Tatfondbank has released a new version of the mobile application Internet Bank “Online Partner” for smartphone and tablet platforms iOS and Android, according to a release of the credit institution.

Users of the service can pay for mobile communications, Internet, TV, traffic police fines, taxes, utilities and other services, transfer money, to open deposits, to perform other operations, and track information on the cards, deposits, loans, the report says. The list of payees significantly expanded – now there are more than 3 thousand.

In addition, in the application the opportunity to repay their loans and credit cards of other banks.

Customers are also now available view of actual exchange rates and non-cash currency exchange.

Another innovation was the simplified procedure of authorization: to enter the “My Account” enough to enter the four-digit code set by the customer on their own .

If you lose your credit card the customer can quickly lock it with the application indicate the bank.

A mobile application “Online Partner” can free download or update in the AppStore or Google Play.

In July, was released a mobile application Internet Bank “Online Partner” for smart phones on the platform of Windows Phone, the bank recalled.


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