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Android L fixes the problem of autonomy Nexus 5 –


The fifth iteration famous line of smartphones from Google is the epitome of a great number of advantages. Among the latter: the incredible performance of a clean version of the operating system Android, relatively compact dimensions, high-quality display, outstanding performance and adequate cost. Despite all of the above, the device is peculiar one drawback. This, as you probably already guessed, is about unsatisfactory autonomy of the device. Whatever it was, one of the reasons for this problem will be fixed in the upcoming update. What exactly does this mean? Let’s find out.

Frankly, Nexus 5 has never been famous for the outstanding duration of work without being connected to the charger. Moreover, the smartphone has demonstrated one of the weakest results among other flagships on the green robot. However, in the early spring of this year in various forums users’ guglofonov “began to appear on the new scourge, which has worsened the already weak performance.

 Nexus 5

The problem was in the process with a rather strange name« mm-qcamera-daemon », which was shown in the tab with detailed information on the consumption of the battery charge. According to our colleagues at the phonearena , the notorious process smartphone discharged approximately 2.5 times more potent than the device’s screen.

One of the managers of the search giant has suggested that the problem lies in the application Skype, update which triggered the implementation of the above process. However, after several updates the situation has not changed: some users still complained about too rapid discharge. By the way, not everyone helped out and Android 4.4.3.

It is obvious that such a response could not escape from the field of view of the company’s employees. Craftsmen from Google is not only set to solve this problem, but it seems to have already found it. This can be judged on the basis of entries in the tracker AOSP, where you can find a lot of interesting information about future projects.

Nexus 5

According to the content of one of the recording, the operation of the process will be established on all copies of Nexus 5 after upgrading to Android L. Hopefully, Members have the patience to wait for the promised update launch, which could happen very soon.

What do expect from the successor to the Nexus 5 you, dear readers? What features are necessary for the unconditional leadership in the smartphone market? Share your opinion in the comments under this article.


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