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Infographics from HTC explains why your Android-based smartphone is unlikely upgraded next year - Computerra-line

Author: Nikolai Masluhin December 31, 2013

One of the main problems as Android system – the impossibility for most phones get upgraded to the latest version of the OS. Yes there until the last! If you believe Google, then Android 4.1 running 37.4% of users, and it is, think, minus two versions of the actual. Why does it happen? The company HTC, once letting out on a couple dozen models per year, presented the great infographic that explains the situation.

at the big picture – the three types of phones are: operator (for our country, it is irrelevant), enabled the so-called model Google Edition, that is as close to “naked» Android.

Ying ; fografika from HTC on explained with this fact, poche & # x43C; from your Android-the smartphone & # x43D; unlikely to renew , ed to include & # x43C; year

As seen, even in the case of models with Google Edition, when intervention products in the minimum code system, the firmware runs at least 8 stages of work. Well, in case of sale of operating units (namely operators in the U.S. and Europe are the main sales channels) work on iOS grows up to 12 steps.

If we multiply the volume

get work done on the number of issued manufacturer phones, it becomes clear that none of the companies will not spend so much effort to support older devices. This is simply not profitable. Wiser to throw programmers to develop firmware for a couple of fashion flagships, and a dozen new models. That is why many phones even eminent manufacturers stop getting significant updates in the first year of his life.

interesting that, contrary to popular opinion, completion branded skins like Sense (in this case, Samsung TouchWiz) not greatly complicates the work on the firmware. Just one more step.

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