Sunday, April 28, 2013

Loyalty Android users not so high -

At the last quarterly report conference, Apple CEO declared proudly that among iPhone owners for more than 90% are willing to buy a smart phone of the same brand new generation. These indicators of customer loyalty can boast, not every company. Experience as sales iPad mini showed that the bulk of buyers of the tablet have never owned products Apple. The company’s management just wanted to prove to investors and shareholders that Apple is able to not only retain existing customers but also attract new ones.

What about loyalty platform among users of smartphones running Google Android? Yankee Group study found that among this category of smartphone owners about 18% are willing to buy products Apple. The proportion of those who are undecided in choosing an alternative platform, but certainly willing to give up Android, reaches 24%. Owners of Apple’s smartphone share of potential “defectors” does not exceed 9%.

authors argue that in the U.S., the number wanting to buy Samsung smartphone half of those who are going to buy iPhone. Every sixth owner of the smartphone running Android, according to the report, changed to use a different platform. Although other analysts say the strengthening of positions in the segment of Android smartphones and tablets in the segment, Yankee Group experts believe that by 2015, Apple will be able to win back lost ground in Android. Although this view is contrary to the main part of the fresh statistics, we will not lose sight of it.

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