Sunday, April 28, 2013

Google will ban Android-app upgrade to a third party - SayberCekyuriti.Ru

/ / / / – Approximately one and a half months ago, users of Android-version of the Facebook client could draw attention to the fact that they were asked to install an updated version of the application, and to do so without the direct approach suggested by Google Play. By itself, the Android system in terms of security policy is much more liberal than iOS, even when it comes to installing applications from third party sources. However, such loyalty has managed to turn into problems for Google.

Now the company has decided to change its own policy in Google Play, to ensure that users of its mobile operating system will install the applications only from trusted sources, in particular of its own catalog. The updated reference material for developers of the company points out that applications downloaded to bypass Google Play, will not work, in addition, the decisions that have already been downloaded by Google Play, will no longer be updated, they can not be modified or replaced by other the decisions of the “untrusted sources”.

According to the resource Droid Life, the updated policy with the company since last Thursday. Resource notes that Android is now only allows the use of signed APK-files, which were obtained from the official catalog of applications.

Google’s documentation does not say that the company previously there were any custom incidents of installing applications from untrusted sources, but the company indicates that some application developers are misleading regarding the update sources, creating the illusion of what updates have been downloaded from Google Play, although in reality it was not so.

The company also stated that although Android provides the technical ability to remove apps, Google will not delete uploaded to bypass Google Play software from smartphones and tablets.

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