Sunday, March 6, 2016

“VKontakte” launched a new version of the app for devices on Android – RSUTE

Moscow / 06.03.2016 18:06 /

The Russian-language social network “VKontakte” launched a new version of the app for Android devices. Recall that the original manufacturers of the company promised to release a quality update in the early years, but later deadlines greatly moved.

Today it became known that all owners of devices based on the popular Android system and combination of ardent fans of the social site “VKontakte” has finally come the happy day. The thing is that a mobile application designed to simplify the use of the functions of his profile, and now has got a quality upgrade. Although it was reported earlier that the modernization will take place in January, a period of testing and bug fixes stretched out on a considerable period of time.

From today, March 6th, everyone a mobile device holder, working with Android, nakonets you may upgrade to the latest version of the application. This advanced users will still find a few annoying errors that spoil the impression of the new clothes.


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