Friday, August 16, 2013

Analysts: Android-users are deprived of the best versions of the iPad-programs - Reuters

Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab

MOSCOW, Aug. 15 – RIA Novosti. Some 30% of the top 50 programs for the iPad does not have the Android-version or not adapted to the mobile platform Google, reported at market research firm Canalys. – IT-Portal of sites RIA Novosti >>

shortage of quality software for tablet computers running the operating system Android diagnosed experts analyst firm Canalys. Based on the results of their study revealed that 30% of the 50 best applications for the iPad does not have the Android-version, and a further 18%, though, and are available in Google Play, but not adapted for this platform and are in the best versions for smartphones, Stretched a tablet screen.

The situation Canalys analysts attributed to the fact that the vast majority of applications developed with an eye to the iPad-users, and Android-made version of a residual. In addition, they note, at the moment the situation is that in Google Play has for the most part free versions of programs that are characterized by a limited user support, reduced functionality or availability of annoying advertising.

In order to remedy the situation and will not disappoint the owners of tablets on Android, whose number is increasing Google’s advised to pay attention to improving the quality, convenience and reliability of payment transactions in Google Play. The easier, safer and more transparent process will make purchases in the app store Android, the more readily shoppers will spend their money here, the more developers will be interested in the production of high-quality premium content for Android-powered devices. publication notes that the construction of an adequate picture, it would carry out a similar analysis of the 50 most popular programs for Android.

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