Sunday, April 13, 2014

Zuckerberg call - right on Android! - Ferra

  • Developer : NOWapps
  • Price : Free
  • Tested on : Samsung Galaxy Note III SM-N9005
  • Google Play : view

Why separately taken online resource own mobile app, but still not too profile platform? Whether to refer to so specialized utilities in our century craze content aggregators are automatically converted masterpiece layout or clogged page advertisement in the dry distillation of the text and pictures? As practice shows, such clients may make sense not only for lovers of interesting materials that go with enviable speed. So, we have a client portal “Zuckerberg calls” for Android.

 We all know that this must be startups iPhone, and MacBook aypad and kodit this passionate fellow downright obliged in any Starbucks or at worst coworking. Put it on the table representative of the family Galaxy – nobody does not sit next to, not to mention the award of grants or seed investments.

Of course, I’m exaggerating, and changes in prices for the latest flagship Android-demonstrates that the old jokes more irrelevant. Need to invent new (endless scope for creativity provides time for iPhones iOS 7.x) and at the same time expand the channels of communication with the audience. As I understand it, the app “CPU” (let me call it so) is not an official character, but it is recommended edited, and for good reason.

??-??????, content is downloaded quickly and correctly even in the mobile Internet. Secondly, pleases navigation switching articles swipe and articulate buttons for viewing Web pages. Finally, offers not only original articles, but also an endless stream of content from the official communities in social networks, and all that – in one application!

Judging by some delay, viewing the same Public VKontakte implemented through the built the utility does, and use for these purposes “native” application would be more convenient, but who knows … The main thing is that the client issue a regular notification of new materials and allows to read them without too much eye strain.

Now noticed shortcomings. Comments on the articles do not appear for some reason, and residents pay reviews Google Play this blatant lack the most attention. Somewhat annoying difference color scheme and content of the configuration section, so that support themes would not stir.

sync button should bear in Action Bar, in the sidebar, it is clearly not in place. In the end, pressing all other items will switch the presentation, and then we just pick up the new articles, remaining on the same screen. Incidentally, in addition to articles in the background synchronization support load directly at the entrance to the application, as in the popular utility gReader.

??????????? disabled separately, and all the old articles can be automatically deleted. Before quickly resolutely get rid of content – think suddenly it can be helpful? This is the case in store button to add to favorites, do not know that simply is not possible.

In short, even if the application – only a rehearsal before developing really large-scale projects under Android, the work is done well, and implementation of the interaction between the client and server at the user level does not cause problems – always have something to read with pleasure.

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